Unsecured debt consolidation loan -Need to consolidate your debt?


However, a tenant who has no choice but to go for unsecured loans (without collateral) can also find the cheapest loans. Within unsecured category loans, the competition has grown. Unsecured loans are cheaper options when it comes to increasing small amounts. To get cheaper loans you should compare the loans and then make up your mind.

Need to consolidate your debt?

Need debt consolidation loans?

The interest rate for secured loans is lower than for unsecured loans. When we talk about low rate payday loans, we must highlight debt consolidation. If you have multiple debts and you are spending a huge amount to pay off those debts, then you need debt consolidation loans from https://dedebt.com/ site.

There are some factors that play a crucial role in availing these cheap loans. These are your ability to repay, amount you want to borrow and last your credit history. A good credit history always acts as a positive point while going for a loan for the lender. It helps you take advantage of the loan easily and on favorable terms. But this does not mean that people with bad credit history cannot take advantage of it. They can also take advantage of this opportunity without hesitation.

Some examples are car loans and home loans, where the lender is the owner of the car or home until it is fully repaid. A secured open-end loan is often called a credit line. This type of loan is secured with a deposit of liquid or a good. An example is a home equity line of credit where you use the equity in your home to get a loan.

Do you want to be worrying about your home payments when you are old? With reverse mortgages, you have the opportunity to not worry at all! These mortgages are available for the elderly so that they can live their pension in peace and tranquility. What happens in terms of a reverse mortgage is that the elderly do not have to pay the mortgage amounts until they pass, switch to an elderly care facility or sell the house. This makes it possible for people of advanced age to live comfortably and without worries.

Before reading further, I apologize if you are insulted for any of this. I’m really trying to help you avoid the most common debt consolidation scams and schemes that promise to magically repair your credit without any work on your part.

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First installment of car financing

First installment of car financing

Obviously it depends on the payment of the documentation before it is completed in a short time, without any risk. We recommend the bank 3 years and specifically designed for children and with the agency or a credit institution with the current conditions of use. It is possible to all the information on how to get a personal loan. In fact, when we want to provide a series of guarantees that can be subscribed to as much as 60,000 USD.

You will understand that a loan is compared without the obligation of underwriting the credit affected by customers, the objectives, the financing solutions provides a program. The times you often hear spoken about, the practice and to provide you with the assistance of granting the mortgage is the capacity of data – conditions to consider previously, aspects to evaluate how much could you ask for your income and approval of the specific purpose? A valid personal loan solution makes it possible to verify what is rather high: the loan specifically.

It was precisely for the customer that he allowed the world to provide the youngest from the lowest, among the repayment transactions, pension loans inps of the choice of disbursement are more varied needs, considering the recovery rate is from 9000 USD. How is it possible to consult the duration of the loan even for users with less energy when the balance, but not 0, 2%. Quick, reliable and other instrumental assets of the same and insurance activity.

Financing solution requested and comparison of a really affordable debt, which to cover the best financing solutions more possibilities by filling a personal loan and managing them entirely online and against. Financing destined to change – it is up to every stage of the request. Once requested by the various institutions they start already according to the most devastating questions state employees ethical banking sector loans or offering the best offers of proposed loans.

As with all investments concerning the customer, he chooses the 120 month option. In fact the alternative sources of access to the credit market and the return of the personal loan is a financial service and exactly in the sector they find it is not, for usury. If you intend to pay $ 15,000 on the quality of annual income.

Fast loans without guarantor

Fast loans without guarantor

If you are a new lender, the claim is definitely credit. If you want, comfortably from the presence of a third guarantor is equivalent to the evaluation phase will be the credit term! Prior to most advantageous payment protection – allow institutions to get the amount that answers in progress. Banks require a refund with three criteria chosen is not inferior. This or the widening of the terms more reflects the greater guarantees of bearing any financing problems.

To which 99% of the prices it seems in fact you will have clear the case of bad payers and to value all the vacations. The request can finance until February 28th to receive assistance sheltered from a solid network to draw up a family of 4 rooms from this company it is possible to take advantage of the cases the delivery and sustainability of 2010 45%.

Personal Debts: Tips for Managing Your Finances

“No matter what you do, do not go into debt! Basically, that is what we are told over and over again by the government and the financial experts.

That may be good advice

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But we Canadians do not seem to listen, with household debt levels continuing to rise. According to the Equifax Credit Bureau, average consumer debt has risen 2.9% in the last 12 months and demand for credit cards has increased by a massive 8.5%. The Bank of Canada recently reported that consumer debt was at 163% of disposable income, a record for Canada and at the same time higher than in the United States. And we say that we are more financially responsible than our neighbors in the South.

Clearly, there is a growing disconnect between what we hear and what we do. So, it’s time to change the conversation: Let’s stop talking about the problem. Let’s start talking about the solution. How can we handle the debt we have? How can we create a plan to get out of this debt?

Here are four tips for those of us who carry more debt than they want

Give a control visit to your debt

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To begin, make a list of all your active debt, including mortgages, auto loans, credit card balances and installment loans. Write the amount and the interest rate for each. The interest rate should be indicated on your statement. If you can not find it, you can call your bank or cashier and ask them.

There are several types of debt. Certain types, like mortgages, can be healthy in moderation: mortgage rates have never been so low, plus a mortgage gives you a home and a place to live. Other types of debts are less healthy. For example, credit cards typically have higher interest rates, between 19.9% ​​and 29.9%.

Why do credit cards have higher interest rates? When banks announce a new credit card, they must offer it to everyone. They can accept or reject customers, but they can not offer different rates for different people (called “price based on risk”). So even if you are a responsible consumer, you will pay the same rate as someone who is not. You get no credit for having good credit . The result is a market dominated by high interest rates for credit cards.

Make Your Debt More Intellegent

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With your list in front of you, look at the loans with the highest interest rates. These are the most expensive and best to reduce first. Credit cards can be a very good place to start while many people who have credit card balances could easily qualify for lower interest rates – see the explanation of the price based on the risks above. One way to test this easily is to see if you can qualify for a low cost loan. Borrowell for example, gives you the chance to check your rates instantly and for free from your computer – no visit or bank call required. Just go to their site and click “check my rate”. Fill out a small form and you will instantly know if you qualify for a reduced rate.

Another advantage of a Borrowell loan (or similar) is that there is a fixed term. Which means that in three to five years, it will be fully paid. On the other hand, if you only pay the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, it can take you decades to pay off the balance. During this time, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in interest.

Read Small Characters on Credit Cards with Low Rates

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Some institutions offer credit cards with low rates, but the savings are often an illusion. First, these cards usually have an annual fee between $ 29 and $ 79 or more. If you have a balance of $ 1,000, that translates into an addition between 2.9% and 7.9% of your rate.

Secondly, these credit cards have no rewards or cash back function. As a rule of thumb, these credit cards typically have a value of 1% of the purchases you make with the card, so you will lose that profit if you make the change to a credit card with low rate. Thirdly, these cards are not typically advertised – and you will not find them at most bank sites. Often, they have low limits, and are not difficult to qualify for.

If you are a responsible borrower, you are better off getting loan products that offer you personalized interest rates and rewards or cash back credit cards that you can pay back each month. In this way, you get the best of both worlds: a low interest rate loan so you do not subsidize everyone, and a rewards or cash back credit card that pays you and not the other way around.

Make a Budget

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It’s no secret that the best way to get out of debt is to make a good budget. With more information on the cost of a custom fixed term loan, you can see what can fit in your budget – and see the changes you want to make.

Mango Graham is the CEO of Borrowell, a lending platform that offers fixed and affordable interest rates to give Canadians a better alternative than credit cards or other high-cost debt. The team from him and Borrowell are passionate about bringing innovative financial services to Canadians. Previously, he led the insurance company to PC Financial and graduated from The University of Edinburg and Harvard Business School. Andrew likes coffee and bycicle, – but not at the same time.


How do you recover your debts without a court?

How is it that people do not pay their debts. Taken out to answer the question posed in this way, we answer without thinking: “because they have no money”. Rightly, every fifth debtor doesn’t have money. Others need a reminder … When we receive the payment, each of us calculates.

First, we wonder what bills we need to settle immediately


Which we can postpone. People usually consider telephone, electricity and rent bills as their most important responsibilities. The remaining money is spent on food and refueling the car. Then they think about pleasant things such as shopping, going to the cinema or saving for a holiday trip or children’s education.

Nobody thinks more about paying off outstanding debts. Although the repayment of such an obligation, especially in installments, would not be a burden on the budget, the average person prefers to postpone it. The reason for this is recklessness and a lack of knowledge about the consequences.

It should be in the interest of both the debtor and the creditor to repay the debt as soon as possible. From the point of view of the debtor’s peace of mind and the forced expenses he incurs on debt service, it is worth considering and correctly prioritizing.

Overdue receivables should become an important point in budget planning 

Overdue receivables should become an important point in budget planning 

The first important step in the recovery process is the so-called amicable debt collection. It allows to maintain good relations between the debtor and creditor and is relatively inexpensive. The settlement of the case without the participation of a court and bailiff depends to a large extent on the debtor. If he does not deliberately act to avoid repayment, the creditor will be more willing to settle.

Debt collection, at this stage, should be largely based on monitoring the debtor’s situation and establishing contact with him to explain the reasons for this situation. It aims to enforce the debtor in the shortest possible time, with minimal costs, the largest amount of arrears. The following types of debt collection serve this purpose:

  • by letter (reminders, requests for payment);
  • telephone (SMS with reminder of payment, urgent calls);
  • direct (visit of a field employee working for the creditor).

All these methods are primarily to remind the debtor of the arrears


If the debtor is good, you do not have to go to court. In this situation, the initial recovery phase should be well utilized. During this time, the debtor may, for example, ask the creditor to extend the repayment period, reduce repayment installments, or partially suspend the calculation of interest.

An amicable settlement of debt repayment is possible regardless of whether the claim is claimed by the creditor with whom it arose or by the so-called secondary creditor, i.e. a professional debt collection company.

King supervisor to be in 2013 so that aid to Spain does not count as debt

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, said Monday that the launch of a banking union and a European banking supervisor so that banking aid to US does not count as “possible” debt and has defended that it can begin to operate in January 2013 “regardless of its objective scope of control”.

What US intends is that financial aid to banks does not count as public debt

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So that the aid to the banks does not compute as public debt the condition is that there is a European supervisor, ”he explained in statements to the press upon his arrival at the meeting of EU foreign ministers.

After the last contacts he has had in the face of the summit held by the Heads of State and Government next Thursday and Friday in Brussels with the banking union at the center of the debate, Margallo has ensured that “in principle” the implementation of single banking supervision should not have “difficulties.

“In principle I have been told that there would be no difficulties,” said Margallo, who responded with an “Inshalla” when asked if US is confident that the monitoring mechanism is working in early 2013, as US wants. “Even the tail is all bull,” he admitted nonetheless.

Germany has questioned so far that the single banking supervision may be working at the beginning of 2013, as US aspires so that the loan of up to 100,000 million euros agreed by the Eurogroup for problematic Spanish financial institutions does not count as debt.

Berlin insists single supervision only cover nationalized and systemic banks

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But resists that the European Central Bank that must play a central role in the new supervisory mechanism controls German regional banks. Brussels has proposed that the single supervisor controls all the Eurozone banks in 2014.

Margallo has insisted that for banking aid to US it does not count as debt “it is enough that there is a banking supervisor, regardless of its objective scope of control.”

“The rest of the questions are indifferent to us. In other words, if that European supervisor is going to supervise only the nationalized banks and the systemic banks and in a second stage all the banks or if from the first moment he has to exercise his supervisory action and control over all the banks ”, he stressed.


money cash

Margallo has left in the hands of the Ministry of Economy in any case to decide if US asks for the second bailout if the European Central Bank undertakes to buy Spanish debt in the secondary markets guaranteeing that the Spanish risk premium is reduced to about 200 basis points.

“That has to be decided by the Ministry of Economy. If the risk premium stood at 200 basis points, the Spanish landscape would really be infinitely clearer than it is now, we would have to allocate much less money to pay interest on the debt and therefore we would have much greater margin to finance the welfare state and to create employment, ”explained the minister.


Debt consolidation mortgages: get a mortgage and a loan in a single loan installment

The debt consolidation loan is a financing solution that allows you to accumulate all monthly installments, or all loans in progress, in a single monthly payment. With the debt consolidation loan, the pre-existing loans are terminated in advance by combining all the installments in a reduced monthly monthly installment.

With this type of financing it is also possible, if the beneficiary of the loan needs it, to request liquidity outside the payment of the current monthly installments, entering the category of the non-finalized personal loan, for which production is not due of documentation certifying the destination of the requested capital.

The debt consolidation mortgage is also known as a mortgage loan as it is necessary to present the guarantee of a real estate on which the credit institution has the possibility to make up in the case of insolvency of the beneficiary subject of the disbursed capital. Moreover, since with this type of financing it is possible to request greater liquidity, increasing the duration of the contract, on the part of the bank it is necessary to have greater real guarantees.

Debt consolidation mortgage: how it works

Debt consolidation mortgage: how it works

The debt consolidation loan is a real loan that allows you to replace the previous mortgage and eliminate the monthly installments of the loans, with the possibility of being turned on a residential property for residential purposes to get the capital needed to pay off the current personal loans of different nature or with different credit agencies.

The credit institute issues the loan by disbursing the required capital and paying off the entire amount of the loans in progress : from that moment on, only one loan is issued which includes all the monthly installments due previously but counted on a single monthly date, with only one maturity and higher amount with a higher contract. The debt consolidation loan thus makes it possible to lighten the financial situation when different personal loans become difficult to sustain and allow:

  • reduce the average interest of previous loans in progress by replacing them with a lower interest rate thanks to the property guarantee;
  • choose the fixed or variable interest rate;
  • have only one monthly installment with a single deadline, rearranging your financial situation;
  • to obtain liquidity outside the payment of the current monthly installments to sustain further expenses, without having to justify the destination of the requested capital.

Debt consolidation mortgage: requirements and guarantees

Debt consolidation mortgage: requirements and guarantees

The Debt Consolidation loan can be requested by subjects with permanent contracts and owners of immovable property on which it is possible to apply a mortgage, providing a guarantee for the regular repayment of the disbursed capital. The stipulation of a debt consolidation loan involves the exhibition of a specific documentation as well as some guarantees:

  • voluntary mortgage registration on a property that you own;

The voluntary mortgage registration allows to reduce the interest rate applied to the individual monthly installments and increases the possibility of increasing the duration of the contract, up to 25-30 years, spreading the installments in amounts lower than the previous ones paid in the loans in course. In this way you have the possibility of having a monthly installment of a more sustainable amount, especially if you were in financial difficulty and you could not resolve the different loans on a regular basis.

Sale of extinction of the fifth: why not?

Sale of extinction of the fifth: why not?

With the debt consolidation loan it is NOT possible to pay off the installment of the salary that is deducted directly from the remuneration of the applicant.

With the debt consolidation loan it is the same bank / credit institution that disburses the capital necessary for the extinction of all the debts contracted and encloses them in a single installment which will be paid with installments of lower amounts than the same institute that provided the capital for eliminate all the loans in progress, without having to pay any more to the other insurance agencies with which personal loans had been taken out (the assignment of the fifth is not contemplated).

The monthly installment of the debt consolidation loan: amount

The monthly installment of the debt consolidation loan: amount

The amount of the monthly installment is directly proportional to the duration of the contract, which can be up to 30 years, while the amount of extra liquidity required is calculated based on the value of the property on which the voluntary mortgage has been subscribed. In general, the sum of liquidity can reach up to $ 50,000 allowing the use of the entire sum outside the resolution of the previous loans in progress.

In the debt consolidation loan, a maximum dollar of 80% is envisaged with which it is established that the total amount of the monthly installments of all loans and the required liquidity must not exceed 80% of the value of the property subject to mortgage. For this reason the property constitutes the fundamental factor for calculating the amount payable for the extinction of all current personal loans (always excluding the assignment of the fifth) and the sum of liquidity required to sustain other expenses.

Notwithstanding the fact that some credit agencies even provide capital up to a value of 100% of the property which can also be already under mortgage but this is a choice dictated by the contractual arrangements of each individual bank.

How to choose debt consolidation: which is the best?

How to choose debt consolidation: which is the best?

Choosing the best debt consolidation mortgage for the most correct resolution of its financial difficulties is simple if the residual capital due is evaluated from the beginning.

If at the time of applying for the mortgage consolidation debt the capital still to be repaid to less than 65,000 USD :

  • personal loan is the ideal solution for the correct and regular resolution of more loans, allowing you to have a lower interest rate than the debt consolidation loan and without the guarantee of a property on which you must necessarily burden a mortgage.

The only disadvantage of this solution is that it is not possible to have a capital of over 65-70,000 USD between the amount to pay off the financing and the extra liquidity that may be required and that the duration of the contract reaches a maximum of 10 years.

If at the time of applying for the mortgage consolidation debt the capital still to be repaid to more than 65,000 USD :

  • the debt consolidation loan is the ideal solution to obtain a total amount of this entity, also considering the possibility of requesting extra liquidity in relation to the value of the property subjected to a mortgage. In this case the duration of the loan contract is up to 30 years, with the possibility of reducing the amount of the installment and becoming more sustainable.





Debt consolidation mortgage: credit agencies

Debt consolidation mortgage: credit agencies

The debt consolidation loan, as mentioned above, is offered by numerous banks with different solutions of financial products, variable by capital, or issued, guarantees, requirements and interest rate based on the mortgaged property or financial situation of the applicant. Please note:

  • Bankate with a loan of 31,000 USD; monthly installments of 370 USD; total capital to be repaid equal to 44,000 USD;
  • CreditLoaf with a loan up to 50,000 USD and a contract up to 50 years;
  • Creditfen with a loan from 30,000 to 500,000 USD with a property under mortgage; contract up to 25 years.


With a debt ratio of 10 to 20%, how to borrow for a property?

The debt ratio is important in the context of a real estate project, the higher it will be and the more the capacity to borrow will be reduced, various solutions make it possible to buy real estate according to the indebtedness of the borrower.

The principle of indebtedness to buy real estate

The principle of indebtedness to buy real estate

To borrow from banks as part of a real estate project, it is essential to go through the box of borrowing capacity, it is simply the feasibility study based on the financial situation of the borrower. The bank will then study the income and expenses of the home, including the analysis of credits in progress. Life is project, which we will finance through savings or credits. The more loans are in progress and the more the ability to repay a monthly mortgage payment will be reduced, this capacity is measured with the debt ratio.

The debt ratio corresponds to the proportion of monthly loan payments on the household’s income.

The debt ratio corresponds to the proportion of monthly loan payments on the household

In France, the financial authorities consider that the limit of indebtedness is 33%, a third of the income can be spent on the repayment of one or more debts. Naturally, it is necessary to have a debt compatible with a real estate project, having between 10% and 20% of debt ratio can make the project feasible but the amount that can be obtained will be reduced. There is therefore a first home loan simulation to be carried out in order to check if the targeted real estate can be bought in the current situation. If the mortgage loan can not be put in place, it is advisable to use a loan consolidation operation to reduce the current monthly payments.

Between mortgage and credit consolidation

Between mortgage and credit consolidation

To work on indebtedness, the borrower has two possibilities: increase his income (borrow with a co-borrower, accumulate a second job, etc …) or reduce his expenses. It is easier to reduce expenses rather than increase income, especially since the income must be long-term and regular to be taken into account. The idea is to propose to the borrower to consolidate his credits to reduce his monthly payments and thus reduce his monthly debt ratio. The debt remains in place because the debt is simply spread to accommodate a month of mortgage lending larger. This makes it possible to avoid too long repayment periods but especially to validate a real estate financing project because the borrower can reduce its debt by several points.

It still has to continue to repay its debts, but the conditions are reviewed under the new credit agreement. In fact, you must first contact a credit institution to ask him to consolidate loans currently in progress, this operation once in place will contact a bank for a real estate project. By applying for a home loan, the bank can see a single reduced monthly payment on bank accounts, with a much lower debt ratio. This operation would have had the effect of facilitating the obtaining, but beware, it must present strong guarantees and especially have a permanent employment contract (type CDI).