We are ready to turn the wheels

Dr. Vivian Whatley shoots at target after viewing the Kirigiti shooting range. [The Standard]

The 15th edition of the IDPA African Championships will take place in Kenya from September 2nd to 5th, 2021. The Chairman of the National Gun Owners Association of Kenya (NGAO-K), Martin Chengo, said he was confident that he would be able to host the event at the Kirigiti shooting range.

“This is the first time that Africa Champions are held outside of South Africa. It took a lot of lobbying to bring the event home after it was postponed from 2020 to 2021 because of Covid-19, “Chengo said.

NGAO-K has built an additional 11 bays to accommodate the 14 stages required by the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) to host regional competition. An exercise made possible from the pockets of the members, he says.

Registration for participation in the IDPA – Africa Championships is still open at www.practiscore.com.

“We’re looking for more support from the Ministry of Sports and Tourism to perfect the props and ensure that the range doesn’t fail on material day,” says Chengo.

NGAO-K Chairman Martin Chengo at the Kirigiti shooting range. [The Standard]

Speak with The standard sports from South Africa, The International Point of Contact (IPOC) Africa Dr. Vivian Whatley, who presented the country with a clean health certificate to host the event, said he was looking forward to a Kenyan IDPA experience.

“I enjoyed the Kenyan hospitality. I looked at the Kirigiti series and everyone involved, including government officials, and decided that Kenya could host the IDPA Africa Championship. ”

“The layout was perfect, the safety of the range is high. Words fail to express the whole experience. From my point of view it can only be a success ”, said Dr. Whatley.

Kenya has increased the number of certified safety officers (SOs) from 6 to 60, 34 chief safety officers. Everything in preparation for the championship.

Security instructor Andreas Pfenninger from Switzerland says that safety when handling weapons is of the utmost importance for international shooters entering the country.

The procedure is well documented in the IDPA regulations and is standard worldwide.

“I’ve never been to Kenya. I know some of the Kenyan shooters are very strong, but I’m looking forward to making the game difficult for them, “said Pfenninger.

John Kyalo, a member of the disciplined armed forces on duty. [The Standard]

For his part, the event’s Match Director Sammy Onyango says they are ready to shoot like never before. “We are ready to turn the wheels. With the land and God’s support, we will take the lead, ”Onyango said confidently.

In addition to reaching out to national and county governments to help, officials also appealed to the sponsors who have stood by them over time, i.e. Seagas Kenya, Pembe Flour Mills, Crown Paints, Skyward Express, and others not to do so to leave time and say you need it like yesterday.


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