Uganda on high alert as we warn citizens of Kenya of a possible terrorist attack

Ugandan security forces have said they are on high alert after the US Embassy in Kenya warned of possible terrorist attacks.

The US Embassy in Kenya warned of the potential increase in crime and acts of violent extremism in Kenya.

“The US Embassy reminds the public of the ongoing need for continued vigilance in public places such as malls, hotels, airports, clubs, restaurants, transportation hubs, schools, places of worship and other areas frequented by tourists. Public events, such as demonstrations and solemn gatherings, are also at higher risk of violence,” the US embassy warned on Friday.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga told journalists on Monday that the terror threat still loomed across the country following the twin blasts on November 16 that targeted Kampala’s central police station and Parliamentary Avenue.

“We would like to inform Ugandans that threats still exist in the country. The incidents (terrorist attack) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (at Christmas) show the ability of terrorists to attack and implement their plans with their local partners,” Enanga said.

According to the police spokesman, while security is on high alert following the US Embassy in Kenya’s warning to its citizens, the public must also play their part by being vigilant.

“The public needs to be vigilant while going about their business as places like hotels, bars, crowded events, restaurants, churches and restaurants are easy targets for the terrorists. As security, our operations against terrorist cells, remnants and their collaborators will continue,” Enanga said.

The development comes as the UPDF is pursuing rebel Allied Democratic Forces in the forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a joint operation with the Congolese Army and the FADRC.

ADF is accused of masterminding the twin blasts in Kampala last year, and by pursuing them inside the DRC, Uganda is aiming to completely wipe out the rebel group that was declared a terrorist group by the US a few years ago.

After the attacks on their bases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many ADF rebels are said to have fled and are currently on the run.

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