Uganda invites the Kenya team to a dialogue about dead ends in milk exports



Uganda has invited Kenya‘s agriculture and trade ministerial teams to a dialogue in Kampala in order to resolve the trade disputes over Ugandan milk imports to Kenya.

Two months ago, Kenya imposed a seven percent levy on milk imports from Uganda, which further strains relations between the two EAC countries.

The Ugandan High Commissioner for Kenya and the Seychelles Dr. Hassan Wasswa Galiwango said when extending the invitation; “Uganda is supposed to export milk to Kenya, but there is a problem that will be resolved soon. We have invited the Kenyan government to send a delegation to inspect the milk factories in Uganda to check Uganda’s production capacity [exportable] Excess.”

Mr Galiwango spoke in Nairobi on Friday during Uganda Week in Kenya to commemorate Uganda’s 59 years of independence.

“There was a suspicion that the milk exported to Kenya did not come from Uganda and that it was imported powder that is then processed into milk.

“I assure you that Uganda has a lot of dairy animals. We produce more than enough for local consumption. “


The dispute has been going on since July when Uganda’s Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Minister Frank Tumwebaze called on Kenya and Tanzania to allow Ugandan milk into their markets, but no meeting between the countries took place due to the effects of Covid-19.

Verification mission

Kenya’s Chief Livestock Minister Harry Kimtai said they were ready to visit Uganda on a screening mission, but the latter was hit by the third wave of Covid-19, hence the delay.

“We face similar challenges when it comes to sugar exports.

“We invite the countries to meet and solve these problems,” added Mr. Galiwango.

He urged neighbors to abide by the EAC common market protocols which allow the free movement of goods and services, including sugar.

Uganda Week (October 4-9) in Kenya was a hybrid event with virtual and physical sections that made it easy for participants to follow the program.

This year’s theme was “Securing Uganda’s Future by Promoting Tourism and Education for Economic Development”.

The highlight was a two-day exhibition of Ugandan products on Friday and Saturday with a special focus on promoting education and tourism.

The week’s events were jointly organized by the Uganda Missions in Kenya with the support of the Ugandan diaspora in Nairobi.


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