The Mombasa County government does not rule car dealers and tankers from the CBD

The government of Mombasa County has ordered the motor vehicle and petroleum tanker showrooms operated in the Central Business District (CBD) to relocate to a designated area on the mainland side in Jomvu subdistrict within 30 days.

In a special announcement, Taufiq Balala, the district’s board of directors for transport, infrastructure and public works, warned those who opposed the policy to close their shops.

“All Mombasa Island car dealership and tanker owners are encouraged to move their showrooms within 30 days of the date of this notification. Otherwise, the Mombasa District Government will close the showrooms or parking lots at its own expense without further reference to you, ”added Balala in a statement dated January 7th this year.

The district government believes that the decision to move showrooms and petroleum tankers out of the CBD was aimed at relieving the coastal city and introducing proper planning.

Balala defended his decision by arguing that the county government is legally obliged to move car dealerships and tankers to designated industrial parking lots in Jomvu.

The CEC Toufiq Balala for transport, infrastructure and public works in the Mombasa district in a past press conference in its office.

“According to the District Government Act of 2012, the Urban Area and City Amendment Act of 2019 and the Spatial and Land Use Planning Act of 2019, Part (IV), Section 56, it is the task of the district government to use and develop land and buildings in the interests of the people orderly and orderly development in his area of ​​responsibility, ”he added.

He instructed the dealers affected by the directive to contact the district’s spatial planning offices on 3.approx Floor of the Bima Towers to review the master plan for the showroom and tanker usage.

“The designated area for motor vehicle showrooms and tankers for petroleum tanks in Jomvu is available for viewings, inspections and assignments for such purposes,” continues Balala.

Local residents also complain about the illegal parking of oil tankers in residential areas and on the driveways or hard shoulder, which interferes with the smooth flow of traffic.

He further noted that the proposal to move showrooms and tankers out of the CBD was reflected in the Mombasa Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan (ISUDP) 2015-2035, commonly known as Mombasa Vision 2035.

Mombasa County Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works CEC further noted that Section 98 of the Petroleum Act No. 2 of 2019 required county governments to provide secure designated parking spaces reserved exclusively for petroleum tankers for safety, emergency response and Improve arrangements.

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