The main defendant in the microfinance case is arrested

the Hyderabad Police The team lambasted microfinance app players. However, the mastermind behind this case has been arrested by Hyderabad Police. Madhu, from Hyderabad, was arrested by police from the CCS crime department and taken into custody. Madhu set up three call centers in Hyderabad 4 months ago. The call center has a total of 700 employees. So, with the help of his employees, he granted loans through the 16 applications. He harassed victims on a large scale to repay these loans.

However, the authorities received crucial information from those arrested by the police in this regard. Madhu worked in Gurgaon, Delhi for a few years then moved to Hyderabad. While working there, he came into contact with a man named Nagraj. Nagraj works for a Chinese company. However, as Nagraj said, large scale advertisements were paid saying that they would provide instant loan through the mobile app. With Nagraj, Madhu has set up three call centers in Hyderabad. Large scale harassment in lending and loan repayment has been done through these call centers.

Authorities said Madhu had been doing the same in Delhi for some time. Apart from this, a similar call center was set up in Bangalore last January. From there he moved the call center and set up three call centers in Hyderabad. Across all these call centers it runs 16 applications and through these it harasses victims on a large scale to repay loans. However, if Nagraj is found, all details will likely come to light. Authorities are still investigating the true story behind the Chinese app.

Authorities, meanwhile, arrested 11 employees working for a total of 16 online debt applications. Notices have been sent to all of them. Authorities raided a Gurgaon-based app scam yesterday. A total of four call centers were raided and 1,100 employees were identified. All work for a total of 16 microfinance apps, officials said. Comprehensive data has been collected in this regard. Authorities have already seized hundreds of laptops and computers. The police are currently investigating the whereabouts of the main server.

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