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where are you going this summer When the pandemic hits a “new phase” and more countries are reopening their borders, There is an opportunity to dust off travel plans. Maybe it’s finally time to rebook this trip.

Before the pandemic, it was easier than ever to visit faraway places. Global tourist arrivals reached an estimated 1.4 billion in 2019, up from just 25 million in 1950 United Nations data.

Perhaps, as tourism recovers, it should be remembered that its convenience brings with it significant problems. have cruise ships endangered whales killed and dumped sewage into UNESCO reserves. Developers, often foreign, continue Build all-inclusive resorts designed to discourage visitors from spending money in nearby communities. Beaches in Thailand, Ancient ruins in Peru and the canals of Venice have all struggled under the number of tourists they attract. Some of the world’s most popular travel destinations are visited to death.

The trade-off is the money generated – and it’s a lot of money. Tourism is a several trillions of dollars Companies that make a huge contribution to the gross domestic product of most countries around the world. But much of the wealth generated, particularly in developing countries, does not find its way into the local economy; it often goes no further than foreign tour operators, hotel chains and airlines.

Our documentary selection for April, “The Last Tourist” examines how the impact of tourism has changed as the number of tourists – and the money they spend – has increased. Directed and written by Tyson Sadler, the film is a strong call to action for viewers that highlights animal cruelty, child exploitation and environmental degradation.

The story flits between destinations like Ecuador, Kenya and India, juxtaposing the voices of residents whose communities depend on tourism with those of experts who earnestly preach about how tourists could demand changes that would make the industry less exploitative and more sustainable…if only they realized the damage they’re doing.

“The Last Tourist” is free to stream on Kanopy and on rent or buy on several other platforms. After viewing the document, let us know what you think and what questions you have. Were at [email protected].

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