The AGRF Summit 2022 will take place in Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda, March 3, 2022— AGRF, Africa’s premier food and agriculture forum, launched its 12th Annual Summit themed “Grow, Nourish and Reward – Bold Actions for Resilient Food Systems” to be held September 5-9, 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda, will take place.

With the growing urgency to end hunger, the Summit will focus on innovative ways, bold actions and commitments to the continent’s food security agenda

This year’s summit will call for accelerated action from leaders, innovators, businesses, private institutions, civil society and development agencies to take bold action and unite efforts around the continent’s food security agenda

Recognizing the urgency to meet the Malabo commitments and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the AGRF 2022 Summit will highlight ongoing efforts and country-led actions that can be extended to food systems that serve the people, serving the planet and prosperity.

During the kick-off event, the honorable Dr. Edouard Ngirente, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda, Rwanda’s confidence in the AGRF 2022 to find a sustainable solution to the food system problem on the African continent.

“Rwanda is confident that the 2022 AGRF Summit will propose concrete actions that can build sustainable and resilient food systems to feed nearly 256 million people who are reportedly suffering from severe food insecurity on the African continent.

Commodities like beef, grains, sugar, rice and soybeans that Africa has imported can be better produced on the continent if we implement the right policies.”

The Prime Minister of Rwanda welcomed delegates from across the continent and beyond to attend and contribute to the 2022 AGRF Summit.

The Summit will mobilize private and public investment, innovation and country-based solutions, and celebrate initiatives that are actionable and scalable initiatives to implement food systems transformation.

HE Hailemariam Dessalegn, former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and AGRF Chair, said that while African leaders have shown their commitment to support food systems transformation, collective action is needed to accelerate progress and real change.

“No country is healthy unless food and livelihoods are healthy. Making a difference for the planet, people and prosperity requires a concerted effort from all sectors.

However, African governments should lead these efforts by prioritizing and integrating policies that address multiple goals, including those that promote healthy and nutritious diets, a decent income for farmers, and policies that address climate and other environmental issues .”

He added that as Africa recovers from the impact of the pandemic, leaders should ensure the pace lost in transforming agriculture and food systems is resumed to support healthy human growth across the continent ensure.

The AGRF Summit 2022 is hosted by the Government of Rwanda and the AGRF Partner Group. The Summit comes at a crucial time, at a crossroads in Africa’s recovery and progress towards the 2030 zero hunger deadline.

Key highlights of this year’s AGRF 2022 Summit include the Agribusiness Deal Room, a platform to bring together innovators with much-needed capital, the Presidential Summit, the Farmers Forum and a Youth Townhall.

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