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NAIROBI, Kenya October 5 – Spokesman Justin Muturi granted the House Finance Committee seven more days Tuesday to complete its investigation into two petitions related to increases in oil and petroleum products.

Committee chair Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay County Women’s Representative) said the renewal request will allow the team to take into account new information it has received, such as mooring fees and fees charged by shipping companies to the importer Influencing prices of petroleum and in which part of the fuel prices they are included.

The 14-day deadline set for the committee to present its report to the House of Representatives would have expired on Wednesday.

“The committee wants to investigate the question of mooring fees. Above all, I would like to assure the entire August House that the committee is determined to promptly fulfill its mandate in relation to the matters put before it in order to expedite and facilitate the oversight function of this House, as urged by the Constitution. ” called.

Demurrage is the fee based on the time it takes for a ship to unload fuel at the Mombasa port terminal for storage by the Kenya Pipeline Company.

The House spokesman told MPs he had received a draft committee report and was confident that the additional information Wanga-led team is looking for will greatly benefit the debate in the future.

“On the one hand, you can’t make sure you’re going to put that levy for this purpose, and then you kind of go and put your fingers there and withdraw some of the funds, but no one knows where they’re going.

But I like the way the committee has identified some of those fingers so that you, as a House, can decide what to do with those fingers. You can choose to cut it, can’t you, ”Muturi said when he complied with the committee’s request.

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The in-house team met 10 stakeholders, including the chief secretaries of the National Treasury and Petroleum, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Kenya Pipeline Company, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, and Petroleum Institute of East Africa, among others.

MPs David Gikaria (Nakuru Town East), Patrick Musimba (Kibwezi West) and Robert Pukose (Endebess) supported the call but urged the committee to ensure it addresses any inefficiencies raised by the public.

Gikaria, the chairman of the energy committee, told the House of Representatives that his team was also in the process of reviewing the Open Tendering System (OTS) and how the country conducts its petroleum business.

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule, who asked Parliament to review the formula to give citizens the facilities, supported the call for more time.

“I agree with the committee and I believe it is for the good of the country to find a permanent solution,” he said.

Minority Whip Junet Mohammed (Suna East) and Aden Duale (Garissa Township) called on the committee to abolish the fuel levy as some of the funds raised were diverted to other areas previously unknown.

The Suna East MP questioned the need to keep the price control measure, as it came at a time when the country did not have many players in the industry.

“Let market forces decide what kind of prices the market should use in relation to fuel economy. The government shouldn’t set prices, the government should create a conducive environment for doing business, otherwise why can’t they set the price of food, why can’t they set the price of cornmeal at Sh50 or Sh40? ”Junet explained.

Duale said that the committee should ensure that Kenyans are cushioned from the escalating crude oil prices (international and local) and that oil marketers are given money so that they do not raise fuel prices in our country.

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“You cannot collect Sh5.40 per liter from ordinary citizens for the purpose of subsidizing, but then the state treasury goes and uses this money for other purposes,” said the former majority leader.

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