Shiraz Aziz Din, 65, describes his experiences as a voter in Kenya’s elections

Din, a resident of the South C district of Nairobi’s Lang’ata constituency, is no stranger to the grim world of politics. Despite appearing delicately fragile, Din is a smart and electrifying man with an immense love for his country.

In 1975, Din turned 18, the legal voting age in Kenya, but he had to wait until 1992 before he could vote in multiparty universal elections in the country since independence and be the first to have a direct vote for President.

From then on, Din has not failed to show up nice and early to vote on election day, although he cannot walk without needing the help of his “supportive” and “reliable” cane.

As a former resident of Kariokor, Din has seen how elections have changed the lives of not just his family, but the nation as a whole, both negatively and positively.

Despite his age and slightly weak fingertips, Din had a smooth voting experience at the Department of Labor (MOW) voting center in South C.

“It only took me between 15 and 20 minutes to vote. This election went really smoothly. Due to my age, I had to be supported by the officials, but I am forever grateful.” Din explained while slowly but surely reminiscing about previous elections.

How the election results are announced

At the constituency counting level, counting of results from polling stations and result and winner declarations by members of the National Assembly (MPs) and members of the County Assembly (MCAs) as well as the compilation of the women’s representation of the President, the Governor, the County Senate is carried out.

The final count and announcement of the winners of the positions as governor, senator and district women’s representative takes place in the district census center.

At the National Census Center, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati announced that the Commission would verify the results of submitted Form 34As images with their original copies.

The National Census Center will also see the verification of Form 34B constituency pictures with their originals and the comparison of Form 34C with the results of all polling stations.

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