Ruto holds chairperson crisis meeting after UDA coastal aspirants were attacked

Mohamed Tenge, UDA Coast Regional Coordinator. [File, Standard]

Vice President William Ruto chaired a crisis meeting in Mombasa County after a number of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) 2022 candidates were attacked by unknown people on Saturday.

Ruto convened the meeting at a local hotel this morning to avoid anger over control of Party affairs, including the upcoming primaries, before traveling to Tana River County.

This followed the attack on UDA coastal coordinator Mohamed Tenge and several other party supporters when they escorted the DP to a meeting with coastal experts at a politician’s home immediately after arriving from Nairobi on Saturday evening.

Tenge, who was being treated at a local hospital, said he was attacked and seriously injured by a mob armed with heavy weapons.

“The chaos was planned. It’s a conspiracy to get some politicians out of the UDA, ”Tenge protested.

Dr. Argawal Sanjeev, who wants to compete for governorship of Mombasa on a UDA ticket, has been attacked.

Sources attending today’s meeting said the DP berated some attendees and warned that the UDA leadership was not hooliganism.

The party’s National Organization Secretary Karisa Nzai confirmed the crisis meeting and said the DP had reconciled the warring politicians.

“The DP ironed out the differences between some politicians today before he went to the Tana River District. Individual politicians, including Mr. Tenge, have been called to the meeting and everything is fine, ”said Nzai, a candidate for the parliamentary seat in Jomvu.

Some UDA supporters and candidates for various seats have threatened to leave Mr Ruto’s party, fearing that it will give preference to certain candidates ahead of nominations.

Some of the candidates are Abdisalam Kassim (Senate) and Mohammed Bahaidar, governor.

“I left UDA immediately. But I’ll be on the ballot next year, ”said Kassim after the attack.

He also asked why the DP would meet in one of the aspirant’s apartments.

An excited tenge condemned the violence against him.

“It is such a shame that those of us who have used our resources to promote the party in Mombasa and the region are abused by people who abducted them for selfish political gain,” Tenge said.

He said he reported the matter to the Nyali Police Station.

“I urge the security authorities to investigate this matter and bring the perpetrators to the police,” he said.

Jomvu politician Juma Lubambo said they traveled to UDA because they believed it was an island for peace only to see chaos directed against certain politicians and asked Ruto to come up with a permanent solution.

“We ask the DP for a permanent solution. He should also guarantee us free and fair nominations, ”said Lubambo.

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