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The Rotary Club Woodland announced the inauguration of the first phase of the WASH project in Kenya at Karen C Primary School in Karen, Kenya.

In this first phase, efforts to improve the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at a school site in a suburb of Nairobi will be initiated. The $ 40,000 project was initiated by the Karen Rotary Club, with Woodland Rotary serving as an international sponsor. Funding came from the two Rotary clubs, plus grants from local Rotary District 5160 and the Rotary Foundation.

The project provided water storage tanks and washing stations for the primary school, which serves 1,300 students, 50 teachers and an adjacent girls’ high school. With the new water reservoirs, the school is able to pump groundwater outside of school hours and store it during the day until it is needed. Students no longer have to rely on water carried from home, sometimes for hours.

Phase 2 of the WASH project in Kenya is currently being developed by the same partnership to provide modern sanitary facilities on the school premises. Many schools lack basic hygiene facilities, which often forces girls in underdeveloped countries to drop out as they age.

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