Nyota Ndogo is grateful to God when Mzungu Hubby buys her new BMW: “Wanasema Nimemroga”

  • Nyota Ndogo flaunted a slender BMW husband she bought for her days after asking for a new car
  • Nyota asked about the vehicle when Henning Nielsen tried to make amends for leaving her
  • The singer told those who claimed she had bewitched her husband

Veteran Mombasa singer Nyota Ndogo expressed her gratitude to God after her Mzungu husband Henning Nielsen bought her a new luxury car.

Nyota Ndogo said people claim she hexed her husband after he bought her a BMW. Photos: Nyota Ndogo.
Source: Instagram

The Nibebe singer could hardly hold back her joy when she posted a video of the blue German machine on social media on Thursday, October 7th.

The one-minute video showed the beaming singer standing through the sunroof of the vehicle. Nyota smiled broadly in the clip taken on the Nairobi Expressway in Westlands.

Nyota drives out naysayers

In the caption, she thanked God for giving her a husband to listen, adding that some people think she bewitched him.

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“Kwanza kabisa nataka kutoa Shukran zangu kwa Mungu. Ahsante kwa Mungu kwakunipa mume ambae nikikohoa tu anasikiza (First, I want to thank God. Thank you for giving me a husband who always listens to me when I cough), ”she wrote.

She then went on to piss off her naysayers by saying the following:

“Haya wanasema nimemroga haya na wewe kamroge mumeo pia akusikilize kama munaona kuroga ndio kuskizwa (They say I bewitched him. Why don’t you enchant your husbands too so they can listen to you)?”

Kenyans congratulate Nyota

Nyota’s fans congratulated her on the new car by writing:


“Congratulations sister.”


“This is great, my sister. May God continue to bless you. “


“Let them talk, they stop when they get tired. Congratulations.”


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“God answered your prayers, my sister.”


“Love is beautiful, enjoy Nyota. May God protect your loving husband. “


A week ago, Nyota, whose Danish husband she fell silent before reappearing recently, said he had apologized.

“I was sad. I asked him why he made me cry and he said he was sorry,” she wrote.

Nielsen then asked what she would like with him to make amends for leaving her, and she asked for another car.

“My dear, you know I want my current car to be for my hotel business, Nyota Ndogo Jikoni. So I’ll feel better if you buy me a vehicle that I can drive to shows, ”the singer told her husband.

He granted her wish.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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