Muturi promises to bring back the economic policies of the Kibaki era


National Assembly spokesman Justin Muturi vows to revive the Kibaki-era policies that fueled the country’s economic growth if he is elected president.

Muturi says Kenya‘s best economic potential was shown during the reign of former President Mwai Kibaki, and points to solid policies that allowed businesses and investments to flourish.

He pointed out that in the first year of Kibaki’s rule, tax collection doubled, while local and international business reached levels previously unheard of in Kenya.

“I will start by getting the best possible tax revenue and reducing waste of public funds. This is the first step in getting our economy back on track, ”said Muturi.

But that’s not all, as he promised to “tame the rampant waste. Over 400 billion Kshs are lost through procurement transactions, over 300 billion Kshs are lost through tax fraud, we have to put an end to it. “

Muturi, who spoke to a gathering of Nyeri County businessmen, said he would adopt guiding principles such as the government’s abandoned local borrowing policy. He noted that this will unleash the local business environment.

“This left the banks with no choice but to offer business people and ordinary Kenyans cheap, unsecured loans and other services. I will revive such a policy immediately after my election. ”He said

Muturi said he will also lift government controls in many sectors to create an enabling environment for doing business in Kenya.

He called on the timber industry to petition parliament seeking to lift some of the tough restrictions that have brought local sawmills to their knees while the local market for imported timber has opened.

He said he will also work to revitalize the market crop and local agriculture, which he believes have faced many obstacles that stifled their growth.

“Our coffee, tea, horticulture, dairy and other agricultural sectors are struggling rather than thriving. We have to give this nation back its full economic potential, ”said Muturi.


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