Morehead Pastor Pedals for Kenya Youth


October 2 – Jeremy Halstead, pastor of the First Church of God in Morehead, rides with the Ends of the Earth Cycling Team out of Fort Myers, Florida. Halstead has previously been on four Ends Cycling Tours in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Ends of the Earth Cycling hosted its first virtual ride last year, Break Every Chain 2020. 63 riders from across America rode in their hometowns, set their own miles, and collectively raised more than $ 20,000 for “Wipe Every Tear,” one Philippines service working with children and teenagers trapped in the sex industry.

Ends Cycling is now on another virtual ride. On this tour, team members ride in partnership with New International Child Sponsorship for youth in Kenya, Africa.

Thousands of families and children live in extreme poverty in rural Narok, Kenya. Many of the children take on family responsibilities at a young age; Help with finding and preparing meals and water, looking after cattle and gardens, and looking after young children.

New International Child Sponsorship works to fight poverty one child and one family at a time, but for this tour they focus their efforts on camps for orphans and children at risk. OVC camps are run by AfricaHope, a new international ministry, for the children in Narok during school holidays. A hundred children come to AfricaHope campus for a week. These camps are an opportunity for children to focus on being a kid, having fun, and learning about Jesus. In the camps, they can leave behind the worries and worries of poverty that they face every day.

The children live in AfricaHope dormitories, where many have access to running water for the first time and delicious meals are prepared for them. The camp focuses on lessons from the Bible and includes dance, skits, music and handicrafts in these classes and small groups for discussion and prayers. Health and hygiene classes are another pillar of the OVC camps that demonstrate and explain the importance of hand washing and clean water.

OVC camps are offered free of charge to the children’s families and rely on fundraising campaigns in order to be able to organize several camps each year.

That’s exactly why Halstead is driving 250 miles in five days (September 30th to October 4th) here in the hills and roars of eastern Kentucky.

Follow Halstead on his Facebook page “PJ’s Bike Ride”. And you can learn more about Ends of the Earth Cycling by visiting


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