Kudos to the role beer has played in Kenya’s economy


Mankind has been brewing beer for thousands of years. There is evidence of beer brewing in China as early as 7000 BC. BC, the ancient Egyptians documented the brewing process around 5000 BC.

Beer is part of our history, culture and our social contacts. As we celebrate International Beer Day this week, it’s important to note the critical role beer plays in our economy, our communities and our consumers.

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) will now be 100 years old in 2022. As we near our 100th anniversary, we can reflect on the role of the brewer in the economy. It contributes 0.8 percent to our gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes two percent to total employment. It supports over 85,000 companies along the value chain, employs over 1,000 people and involves over 40,000 distributors, outlets and retailers.

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Our beer is proudly made from Kenyan ingredients and we are committed to sourcing 80 percent of our raw materials locally. We buy barley and sorghum from over 47,000 farmers.

Each year these farmers receive over Sh1 billion in payment. We have a dedicated team, along with specialist third-party suppliers like Farm Force, who work with farmers to improve their yield, productivity and sustainable farming practices.

We are aware of our role in operating sustainably and protecting our common environment. We are one of the most efficient beer locations in Diageo in terms of water efficiency per liter of beer produced, 25 percent more efficient in water use than the average brewery. We are committed to purchasing 100 percent electricity from renewable sources by 2030. We recently made an investment of Sh 22 billion. announced in water recovery and renewable energy.

We have invested in the Kenyan sports, music, arts and entertainment industries through our brands. The Tusker brand proudly embodies the spirit of Kenya and we have invested in those who fly the Kenyan flag. We are proud owners of Tusker FC and hope the team’s winning streak continues!

This Olympic season, Tusker backed Team Kenya with SH 45 million and we are proud to be closer to our Olympians with our “Cheers our Champions” campaign, where consumers can win cash, equipment and prizes and send messages of support to the Kenyan Olympic team .

International Beer Day is a great time to take a step back and appreciate the positive role iconic beer brands play in our society.


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