KTB supports efforts to contain the spread of Covid and save the tourism sector


KTB Chairman and Managing Director Savora Group of Hotels Jimi Kariuki.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has endorsed the Covid-19 guidelines, including the guideline requiring tourists to be vaccinated before they can be admitted to local accommodations.

Today, KTB chairman Jimi Kariuki said the speed at which the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has spread around the world is alarming.

He said the continued emergence of the variants had created uncertainty in the tourism and hospitality industries. “Measures such as proving a Covid-19 vaccination for access to services such as air and rail travel, hotels, restaurants and bars, wildlife parks, PCR test requirements for international travel and ongoing restrictions on gatherings and social gatherings are important and necessary measures will help slow infection rates, “Kariuki said.

Last week, some of the hoteliers on the coast criticized the government’s supposedly frequent changes in policies to combat the spread of Covid-19, saying they were negatively affected.

Kenya Coast Tourist Association chairman Victor Shitakah said knee-jerk reactions when a new variant of Covid-19 was reported was bad for business. He called the latest policy of forcing guests to show Covid-19 vaccination certificates before being allowed into hotels draconian.

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