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The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Kisumu County has found new ways to ensure the growth of the tourism sector in the area.

To commemorate World Tourism Day, the department has worked with various stakeholders in the area to celebrate the county’s diverse tourist attractions and highlight unknown destinations.

Tourism Director Dr. Esther Munyiri, Kisumi County Deputy Governor, Dr. Ochieng Owili, and the Achie Alai County Tourism Officer during a photo session on the island of Ndere. Photo by Lorine Awino

The event, which took place on Ndere Island in Seme, Kisumu County, brought together over 50 dignitaries from various areas of tourism site management with the aim of ensuring inclusive growth.

Achie Alai, a member of the County Executive Committee (CECM) for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, emphasized the need for digitization and collaboration to revitalize tourism in the area.

She said the tourism sector has been hardest hit by Covid-19 and, as one of the main backbones of the country’s economy, innovative ways need to be found to resume tourism amid the pandemic.

“We know that Covid-19 has shown us that a country and the world can actually stop. The sector was hardest hit because no one in the world could travel, while there was a national and county restriction, ”Alai said.

As a sector it is impossible to stand on its own, so different stakeholders have to be involved to rebuild the tourism sector.

So, working with airlines, hotels, schools, and wildlife services, it was easy to highlight the beauty of Kisumu and promote local tourism.

“We contacted six airlines that come to Kisumu daily and hotels to work with us.

At the same time, it was time tourism got fully involved and attracted its online audience.

Alai said that by working with the media to broadcast and broadcast tourist attractions, international and local tourists will know the unknown sites and visit them to discover their hidden beauties.

“It is sad that even some of our citizens have never visited these sites and yet we want to promote them and sell them outside,” she repeated.

The district board encouraged photographers to take good pictures of these websites and post them on social media to reach youth and global tourists to promote tourism in the area.

And since the majority of teens are using digital technology, she urged them to use their platforms to research and invent ways to showcase the beauty of islands, forests, airlines and hotels.

At the same event, Dr. Esther Munyiri, director of tourism resilience and crisis management, said there is hope that things will return to normal as some hotels have reopened and the number of tourists has increased.

She praised the sector for the efforts made so far to ensure they don’t go down the drain during this crisis and encouraged citizens to get vaccinated to make sure the pandemic statistics go down so things get back to normal can.

“We need to ensure the health and safety of our tourists before they can enjoy them. I therefore urge the management of these destinations to follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and ensure that these measures are contained, ”she said.

By Evangeline Mola and Lorine Awino

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