Kenya wears elephant collars to respond to threats in real time


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Cape Town – Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) put a collar on elephants on Tuesday so that rangers can react to threats in real time.

A team of KWS scientists and rangers carried out the operation in Shimba Hills National Reserve, where they were attended by Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala and KWS General Director, Brigadier John Waweru, as well as the CEO of Kenya’s Wildlife Education and Training Research Institute, Dr. Patrick Omondi.

The new collars are considered to be important for Kenya’s conservation efforts because, according to KWS, they localize the elephant’s location with greater accuracy and speed.

“This means that rangers are now able to react immediately to threats to the elephants in real time or to predict future potential problems,” said KWS.

The collars also enable KWS to prevent conflicts between humans and animals. If a herd of elephants moves towards a human settlement, the National Wildlife Agency can intercept the animals before it does.

Earlier this month, a herd of elephants caused a stir when they crossed a busy Kenyan road in Mariakani, some 50 miles from Shimba Hills National Reserve.

Waweru said he was delighted to have helped jibe the elephants.

Kenya has the fourth largest elephant population in the world, with more than 36,000 in the East African country. The elephant population has increased by 2,000 in four years, according to the results of the country’s first National Wildlife Census in 2021.

– African news agency


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