Kenya: Prepare fare hike, Matatu owners warn after fuel adjustment

Nairobi — Kenyans should brace themselves for higher Matatu tariffs after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Agency (EPRA) hiked fuel prices.

This is according to Matatu Owners Association (MoA) chairman Simon Kimutai, who has defended the proposed move.

“We are in business and I have told our members that once the cost accounting is complete they should pass the cost on to the passengers. It is common sense to pass the cost on to consumers. People using matatus should brace themselves for a fare increase,” Kimutai warned.

He pointed out that the public services sector, while driving the economy, still bears the brunt of international fuel increases, without the government having adequate subsidies to cushion such effects.

“What drives our engine is petroleum products, and now the price of fuel is 134 Sh, which has never been the case in our lives. We are very important for the growth of the economy, but nobody recognizes this. Let officials approve that we need cushioning or we won’t be able to go to work,” he said.

According to the latest monthly price survey from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), a liter of premium petrol costs from Sh129.72 to Sh134.72 in Nairobi, while diesel costs from Sh110.60 to Sh115.60.

The price of kerosene, used mainly by rural and urban families for cooking and lighting, was maintained at Sh103.54 per litre.

According to EPRA, the actual pump price for premium petrol is Sh155.11, meaning the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines has spent Sh20.39 to cushion consumers against a sharp rise.

As fuel prices increase, the cost of basic commodities is also expected to increase as many industries rely heavily on petroleum for their production and transportation.

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