Kenya: Open Letter to Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum


To the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

Darling. Charles Keter

REF: GPAF / 2021 / -1

Dear Hon. Charles Keter


This open letter comes from Greenpeace Africa, deCOALonize, the parishes of Lamu and Kitui Counties. We are deeply concerned about the ATS 1.3 billion budget allocation for coal exploration and mining in Kenya.

The proposed investment in dirty coal is of great concern given Kenya’s admirable position as Africa’s leading renewable energy nation. The fact is that the challenge for Kenya is accessibility of the electricity supply in urban, peri-urban and rural areas of Kenya – for domestic and industrial consumption.

Coal mining threatens our water resources and sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from burning coal cause acid rain, smog and respiratory diseases. The mining and burning of coal are a direct threat to the life and livelihood of Kenyans, but also to the global climate.

Greenpeace Africa, deCOALonize, and the local communities in Lamu and Kitui are certain that mining and investing in coal are causing far more problems than coal electricity could ever solve. Given the abundant renewable energy resources in the country, Kenya should seek to skip the fossil fuel based dirty development and instead invest in cleaner, more affordable renewable energy technologies. The communities in Lamu and Kitui advocate the right to live in a healthy and clean environment that is powered only by renewable energy.

Despite ongoing pressures from Greenpeace Africa, deCOALonize and the local communities in Lamu and Kitui to the Ministry of Energy and Oil on the consequences of coal mining and coal processing in Kenya, the Ministry has consistently provided a budget for coal exploration and mining. With this in mind, we call on you;

Stop the proposed budget allocation for coal exploration and mining in Kenya.

Funds for coal exploration and mining are to be reallocated to fair, accessible, affordable and clean renewable energy projects in Kenya that will enable Kenyans to make a living, better build out of the Covid-19 crisis and resilience already devastating climate crisis to build up.

To put the sovereign rights and desires of the Kenyan people above all external and selfish considerations of the private sector and to protect our nation from inappropriate budget allocations.


Greenpeace Africa and deCOALonize Campaign form a coalition in solidarity with the local communities in Lamu – Save Lamu and Kitui – Center for Human Rights and Political Education.


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