Kenya: Lobbies Benefit from Sh110m Anti-Slavery Grant


Kenya is to receive a grant of 1 million US dollars (110 million Sh.) For the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Funds are paid out through local survivor-led organizations established in the country by the Global Freedom Fund, a leading global movement promoting the abolition of slavery.

Any interested organization will have access to an unlimited amount of 15,000 USD (1.7 million Sh.) Via the official website of the Global Freedom Fund upon successful application.

Organizations in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia that have one or more persons with lived experience of exploitation, including human trafficking, forced labor, bondage or forced marriage, in a management position can apply for the first funding round.

Thereafter, the fund will be expanded to other regions including Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America in future rounds with the aim of totaling more than US $ 1 million.

Modern slavery

Global Freedom Fund’s North America executive Amy Rahe noted that there are too few organizations with modern slavery survivors in key leadership positions.

As a result, small survivor-led organizations tend to be locked out by the demands of traditional donors and deny them the resources they need to build and grow.

“This grant brings power and leadership where it belongs, with those hardest hit by modern slavery and on the front lines. We hope that philanthropists and other donors are as excited as we are about ensuring that survivors are at the heart of the global movement to end slavery and that other funding organizations are inspired by this model, “she said in a statement.

The Survivor Leadership Fund aims to empower and support survivor-led organizations by giving them the freedom to choose how best to build internal capacity.

Establish rules

“We don’t set any rules, conditions, results, or goals. We trust that they will use their grants in the way they deem best to achieve their organization’s goals, ”said Ms. Rahe.

Freedom Fund Deputy Country Representative for Ethiopia Meseret Bayou noted that advancement and support from survivor-led groups and women leaders is critical to the organization’s work in Ethiopia with young girls and women likely to migrate.

“You and Ethiopians who have already returned from exploitative work in the Middle East are more likely to listen to other returnees about the risks of exploitation. Flexible funding allows survivor-led organizations to make quick decisions about how best to help front lines and as survivors themselves are best placed, “she said.


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