In fact, economic freedom is coming in just 100 days, so get ready to eat and have fun

The unga funding program has reduced the cost of a two-kilogram package of cornmeal. [iStockphoto]

In fact, economic freedom is coming in just 100 days, so get ready to eat and have fun

Hordes of traders reportedly descended on Kenya Railways‘ reserve land in Karatina, claiming that Deputy Prezzo-elect, Rigathi Gachagua, had promised them the land once he came to power. They were pushed back by armed police officers. They withdrew and promised to return once Gachagua has sworn in.

At that point, they may be spoiled for choice as around a million acres may be purchased by then, as promised by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, to relocate the landless. While coastal communities who have occupied other people’s land are given priority, the Karatina people are only a handful, so the math wouldn’t change much.

If the Karatina traders are patient, the Sh100 billion Hustler fund will definitely be in place within the first 100 days of Kenya’s Kwanza administration, so they could decide to boost their business and stay there.

For those interested in port jobs there should be plenty of opportunities once all port operations are restored to Mombasa. In other words, there will be a train of gravy from all corners of the country, draining into Mombasa.

And the temporary subsidies the Jubilee government has offered on oil and unga, for example, will be extended indefinitely to all consumer goods, including those beautifully dried, well-rounded onions that Senator Moses Wetang’ula has raved about.

The beauty of all of this is that Kenya has signed Kwanza charters, allowing the populace to oversee the delivery of a range of promised goodies, from tax refunds to business and training opportunities.

In fact, their choice could not have come at a better time as subsidized fertiliser, which retails at Sh2,500 (instead of Sh7,000), is delivered just ahead of the brief October rains.

Indeed, as the traders of Karatina wail, freedom is coming in just 100 days to lift the beleaguered Kenyans out of the economic doldrums. But state land and other amenities will remain unattainable now and in the future.

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