I am ready to take Kenya to another level after my election as President

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has assured Kenyans that if he is elected president in the upcoming general election, he will take the country to another level economically.

Raila said he would replace President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is a political scientist and engineer.

The former Prime Minister spoke after stylishly inaugurating COTU General Secretary Franci’s new luxurious home in Bofa in Kilifi in 2022, which was attended by important figures including Mount Kenya Bigwigs David Murathe, former presidential candidate Peter Kenneth, Maina Kamanda , Kiambu and Nairobi Governors Ann Kananu, Caroline Karugu Nyeri Lieutenant Governor, Mombasa Lieutenant Governor, Kilifi Speaker Jimmy Kahindi, Kilifi ODM Chairman Teddy Mwambire among others.

The leaders celebrated the New Year with a lot of entertainment from a top Congolese band, and as the clock ticked midnight, fireworks were fired on the security beach of the residence as the VIPs ushered in the New Year.

In his keynote address to the nation, Raila said first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was an anthropologist who brought freedom to the nation, followed by the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, who was a teacher who laid the foundation for the nation.

The third president, Mwai Kibaki, said he was an economist who developed the 2030 vision and laid the foundation for the development plan, while the current one came a political economist with the Big Four agenda that was particularly successful in infrastructure development .

“Where the country needs an engineer now, there is someone with engineering experience who can take it to another level, and no one but you can take the country to where the nation’s founders wanted it,” he said .

Raila wished the Kenyans a Happy New Year 2022 and thanked God for making it possible for all those who managed to see how the Covid-19 pandemic had a negative impact through business losses, deaths and job losses.

He said this year is a year of change brought about by the elections and urged all those who seek political positions to act so peacefully and refrain from any form of chaos or conflict.

“We want the Kenyans to unite, that is the spirit of Azimio la Umoja, so that Ke4nyans can live together peacefully, even if they have differences of opinion and political differences,” he said.

For his part, Atwoli said they had started the marathon for the upcoming campaigns for the statehouse, adding that they were better prepared than before.

The COTU chief said they will stop any presidential candidate who has been involved in wrongdoing or corruption because they don’t deserve to run the nation.

“This is a year of success, it is a year of clean people producing results that Kenyans want. This is a new year in 2022, ”he said.

Atwoli warned Kenyans against making the mistake of electing Vice President William Ruto by claiming he was running away with the central banks and making Kenyans suffer.

He said Ruto was a man who loves snapping up anything on the ground, be it land or to maximize his income, adding that as workers they would do anything to stop him.

The COTU general secretary said Ruto could commit suicide after losing the election for spending a lot of money on election campaigns, adding that it will be over 15 years before he becomes president.

“People should be around him, trees nearby should be felled because the guy is going to commit suicide,” he said.

For his part, Murathe said they will begin nationwide rallies starting with Thika Stadium to ensure Raila becomes president as the country needs a Mandela moment.

He said the DP who ran through the whole time was just a pacemaker but the real race is starting to make sure Raila goes to the official hours.

Murathe said Ruto would not be president and should learn how to become an official leader of the opposition, like those who became president of the country.

“Ruto should start being an opinion leader after 10-15 years to become president,” he said.

Others who spoke was Peter Kenneth, who called for peace in the nation during this political season.

He urged Kenyans to ensure that in all sectors of the country they choose better leaders who are capable of building the country and vote out leaders who do not have the appropriate qualities.

All other leaders also unanimously said it was time for a Raila presidency and vowed to work hard to make sure he went to the statehouse.

These include the Governor of Nairobi, Ann Kananu, the Deputy Governor of Mombasa, William Kingi Caroline Karugu Nyeri, the Deputy Governor, the Deputy Governor of Kilifi, Stewart Madzayo, Suleiman Shahbal, the aspiring Governor of Mombasa, and MP, too Chairman of Kilifi County’s ODM is.

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