High commissioners from four African countries visit Shillong on a three-day tour


In order to have a cultural and tourist exchange program with Meghalaya, diplomats from four African countries as far as India are on a three-day tour to Shillong to experience the beauty of the place. This initiative is expected to bring more tourism to this mountain state.

The Ambassador of the High Commission of Kenya to India, Willy K Bett, told News 18: “… We would like to see if there are links between the different countries in Africa and this state, in particular the cultural exchange that can be between this part of India and different agriculture Countries in Africa. “

Fascinated by the green of Shillong, the High Commissioner of Kenya said: “This is a wonderful place. It is an experience of this kind and we have never seen such hilly, beautiful surroundings, and when we start the tour through this place we already felt the warmth of the people. “

The high commissioners of African countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania are on a three-day visit to Meghalaya. The tour was sponsored by Flybig Airlines.

George C. Mkondiwa, High Commissioner of Malawi, said the diplomatic delegation would likely meet with the state government.

When asked if there would be a proposal for the state government, the High Commissioner of Malawi said, “I think that will be done after we have seen and conducted such an exchange, then we will know what is going to happen for Shillong and everyone else Priority is. ”Make a suggestion, don’t make a suggestion until you’ve seen the area. Hopefully we will meet the state government. “

When asked if the visit was related to tourism, he said: “Our visit is related to everything, as Ambassador and High Commissioner of Malawi to India we represent aspects of life in the state, when you come to India you shouldn’t be in Delhi or Mumbai land, they should come to Shillong and enjoy the beauty. “

Judith KK Kan’goma Kapijimpanga, Zambia’s High Commissioner, expressed her delight at the visit to Shillong.

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When asked about connectivity in tourism, she told News 18, “This is a topic we want to explore. I come from Zambia and we have huge tourism potential and it would be nice to network with every tourism company here to exchange programs in culture and tourism, because we are highly cultured people in Africa. “

“So I think it will be nice to network with the institutions to have a cultural and tourist exchange,” added the High Commissioner.

The Tanzanian High Commissioner for India shared the same thought: “There is a possibility that we may have to ask Flybig to connect with Tanzania so that the Tanzanian tourist can visit Shillong via Mumbai or Delhi.”

Meanwhile, Flybig CMD Sanjay Mandavia told the media that this will help boost tourism in Meghalaya.

“The diplomats from the African countries should be here and visit this part of India. The intention is to get the message across and get more tourism to this part of India, ”he added.

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