“Glass Art Wonderland”: a unique project in Nairobi

*The art of glassblowing is a unique endeavor practiced by only a few companies in Africa.*

Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass has been in the business for over three decades creating fine glass art and products.

“We recycle clear window glass and green bottles. Mainly we focus on clear window glass because it is easy to recycle. Most of our glassblowers have been working here for over 30 years. The youngest here I think is eight months old and the lady and she is actually our First Lady so they were trained 30 years ago and have grown over time.”

Kitengela Hot Glass has become the epitome of glassblowing in East Africa and has made it a major tourism destination in Kenya.

“Magical Kenya’s campaign aims to show the world what’s Kenyan and what’s Kenyan. So for us this is a unique art that does not exist in any part of Kenya.”

“I’ve never heard of glass blowing before, but when I got here they told me about glass blowing and it’s true, it’s amazing too. The experience here is good, they are beautiful, I can see we have the Valentine’s glasses here.”

As the only glassblowing company in the region, Kitengela Hot Glass also works with an Eswatini-based company that is also in the glassblowing business.

“Kitengela Hot Glass has partnered with a company called Ngwenya, which is based in Swaziland. They’re also into glassblowing, so yes, we’re similar in a number of ways.”

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