Eric Latiff surprises fans with perfect Kalenjin accent as he addresses issues on Mombasa Road: ‘Waligula’

  • Eric Latiff hilariously addressed Cabinet Secretary for Roads, Transport and Public Works Kipchumba Murkomen in a thick Kalenjin accent
  • Spice FM’s morning show host blamed the Kenya National Highway Authority (KenHa) for the run-down condition of Mombasa Road
  • understands that the funniest comedians have inherently humorous attitudes, looks and accents and have attracted admirers of all ages

Spice FM presenter Eric Latiff has a special message for Cabinet Secretary for Roads, Transport and Public Works Kipchumba Murkomen regarding the Nairobi Expressway.

Spice FM host Eric Latiff surprised fans with a perfect Kalenjin accent. Photo: Eric Latiff.
Source: Facebook

While hilariously addressing Murkomen in a thick Kalenjin accent, Latiff accused the Kenya National Highway Authority (KenHa) of interfering with the structure of Mombasa Road during the construction of the Nairobi Express.

“Serikali ilitoa 9 billion KSh ya kutengeneza hii barabara ya chini ya Mombasa Road. Iligulwa, Waligula. (The government allocated KSh 9 billion for the project, but it was misappropriated),” Latiff said.

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Eric Latiff points out the problems at Mombasa Road

During a morning talk show on Wednesday, November 16, Latiff said pedestrians were unable to walk because of the mud.

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“Hakuna stage, yote imebomolewa. Hii footbridge, ikitoka pande hii inaingia kwa mtaro hakuna mahali inaenda. Kipchumba Murkomen ongelesha hii watu yako wajenge hii barabara. Watu naumia, watu wanalia, iko machozi,” he added.

Freely translated as:

“There is no matatu stage, it has been torn down. The pedestrian bridge is in a run down condition. Kipchumba Murkomen is talking to your people to build this road because people are suffering, there are tears everywhere.”

Netizens react to Latiff’s Kalenjin accent

Here’s what netizens had to say:

Michael Ollinga Oruko said:

Woooohh… Kiplatiff iyo accent wewe ametandigah kama mursik kapsaa.

Macharia James wrote:

Good news, the road in Mombasa needs to be reconstructed earlier.

Travon Trevor said:

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very funny but address the topic.

Justus Tiego said:

Hahaha kumbe this guy can be such a good comedian..

Justine Nyamato wrote:

Latiff, you’re going to be a comedian, but I like your interviews

Baba Kays said:

Kip-toe arap latif kutoka nandi

Reuben Gitahi wrote:

There’s a BBC podcast comedian against news. Iangalie Brother… Good stuff.

Bona Linah wrote:

Latiff’s Kienyeji version of Haki is so original.

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