DSA is urging Kenyan policymakers to allocate all 6GHz bandwidth for Wi-Fi use

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has welcomed the Kenyan government‘s decision to designate the lower 6 GHz radio spectrum (5925 – 6425 MHz) for license-free Wi-Fi use. This is in line with the African Telecommunications Union recommendation of July 2021.

DSA is a global organization dedicated to promoting innovation in spectrum sharing.

According to DSA, this decision will ensure Kenya remains competitive at a regional level as it introduces next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technologies capable of enhancing public services, enhancing business operations and seamlessly connecting citizens .

In order for Kenya to realize the full potential of Wi-Fi, the DSA has urged policymakers to allocate the entire 6 GHz bandwidth (5925 – 7125 MHz) for Wi-Fi use.

Wireless internet service providers need access to the full 6GHz band to deliver high-performing digital services that improve Kenya’s urban and rural broadband coverage, improve internet access and affordability for citizens, and enable higher speeds with greater reliability for businesses.

A 2021 report by the DSA found that if decision makers allocate the entire 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi use, the Kenyan economy would generate more than $20 billion more by 2030. In addition, the study predicts another 1.4 million Kenyan citizens could access the internet by 2030 through full 6GHz WiFi usage.

“Kenyan citizens, businesses and the country’s economy will benefit tremendously from realizing the full potential of Wi-Fi,” said Martha Suarez, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance.

“However, this significant increase in wealth and narrowing of Kenya’s digital divide will only be achieved if policymakers designate the entire 6GHz band for Wi-Fi use,” he adds.

Suarez notes that leading economies including Brazil, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United States have already acted to allocate the entire 6GHz band for Wi-Fi to enable the digital transformation of all sectors of the economy and public services by enabling faster internet speeds, lower latency connectivity and reducing the risk of interference.

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