Cricket: Kenya defeats Bermuda in ICC challenge

Bermuda won the toss in their ICC Mens CWC Challenge League match against Kenya at Farmers Cricket Club Ground in St Martin, Jersey, choosing to bat.

For the first time in the last few games, Bermuda battered the 50 overs to go 234/7, Charles Trott was the top scorer with 58 balls from 46, hitting 4 fours and 4 sixes while captain Kamau Leverock added 47 balls from 54 and hit 4 fours and 2 sixes, and Dominic Sabir hit 39 balls out of 63, hitting 3 fours and 1 six. Tanzeel Sheikh was the Kenyan bowler’s pick with numbers of 1,2-0-13-2.

In response, Bermuda had early success as they had Kenya 1/1 but Kenya was able to respond and score 238/3 to win by 7 wickets. Irfan Karim was their top scorer at 80 not out, sharing a 126 second wicket partnership with opener Rushab Patel who hit 70, Leverock was the only Bermuda bowler to finish wickets 10-0-45-3 .

Bermuda innings

..06 [21] Terryn Fray c Rakep Patel b Shem Ngoche
..28 [66] Ras Solomon Burrows c Rakep Patel b Collins Obuya
..20 [46] Zeri Tomlinson LBW Shem Ngoche
..47 [54] Kamau Leverock St Irfan Karim b Collins Obuya
..39 [63] Dominic Sabir c Nelson Odhiambo b Tanzeel Sheikh
..58 [46] Charles Trott b Tanzeel Sheikh
..06 [02] Zeko Burgess c Irfan Karim b Emmanuel Bundi
..07 [03] Steven Bremar not outside
..23 Extras [1nb-16w-4b-2lb]234 in total for 7 wickets after 50 overs

Fall of the wickets: 1-21 [Fray]2-64 [Tomlinson]3-76 [Burrows]4-138 [Leverock]5-203 [Sabir]6-209 [Burgess]7-234 [Trott]

Kenya bowlers

5.0-0-37-1 Emmanuel Bundi
3.4-0-19-0 Eugene Ochieng
3.0-0-07-0 Nelson Odhiambo
10.-4-39-2 Shem Ngoche
8.0-0-38-0 Rakep Patel
9.0-0-48-0 Vraj Patel
10.-0-27-2 Collins Obuya
1.2-0-13-2 Tanzeel Sheikh

Kenya inning

..70 [87] Rushab Patel c Zeko Burgess b Kamau Leverock
..00 [01] Alex Obanda c Dominic Sabir b Kamau Leverock
..80 [122] Irfan Karim not outside
..42 [39] Rakep Patel c&b Kamau Leverock
..19 [06] Collins Obuya not outside
..27 Extras [2nb-24w-1lb]238 total for 3 wickets after 42.1 overs

Fall of the wickets: 1-1 [Obanda]2-127 [Patel]3-218 [Patel]

Bermuda bowlers

10.-0-45-3 Kamau Leverock
6.0-0-45-0 Jabari Darrell
8.0-0-50-0 Zeko Burgess
8.1-0-55-0 Cameron Jeffers
10.-0-42-0 Charles Trott

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