Crackdown at disco Matanga has brought sanity back to coast, police chief says

The government has praised the crackdown on the disco matangas (night watch festivals), saying they have borne fruit in the moral behavior of youth in the coastal region. The region recorded almost zero cases of teenage pregnancy among the candidates taking the 2021 Kenyan Primary Education Certificate (KCPE) exams, which were completed yesterday.

Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata confirmed that only two of the more than 109,000 students were forced to take exams at their maternity wards, one in Mombasa County and one in Kilifi County, unlike in other years when teenage pregnancy was rampant.

Mr Elungata said high school students and teenagers are getting lost in the nightclub’s matangas, leading to early pregnancies, dropping out of school and dwindling educational standards. He asked parents and teachers to support the action for a better society.

Mr Elungata said the exam went smoothly with no problems and said the government would like a situation where exams can be picked up and accompanied at the relevant centers without necessarily having escorts, if the level of honesty testifies to that will, shall prevail.

“We would have developed the honesty like in other countries where if you drop your wallet with what it contains, whoever collects it brings it to you or takes it to the nearest police station. It’s not interesting to see honest people being escorted. We’d rather wait for you at school,” Elungata told center managers and supervisors.

Mr. Elungata told the managers that they need to develop a path that needs to be followed so that there comes a point where people trust them, just like people trust them with children and trust them with exams.

“The world knows that an exam in Kenya is well administered and an exam of integrity without cheating, and that’s what we want to achieve,” said Elungata.

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