Construction of the Mwache dam begins in November

Construction of the Mwache multi-purpose dam, the contract of which was signed in August 2018 and delayed by several years as the developer waited for the government to complete the land balancing exercise, is slated to begin next month (November 2021).

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Announced by Joseph Irungu, Permanent Secretary (PS) for Water at the Ministry of Water, Sewage and Irrigation, adding that the national government is working tirelessly to resolve any issues that have stalled the project, including the Land compensation, completed before November 1st, 2021.

“The national government has sent funds to the National Land Commission to complete the compensatory measure that we expect to be completed shortly so that we can turn the site over to the contractor to begin construction,” said PS Irungu.

The Coast Development Authority (CDA) has reportedly completed activities around the project site such as tree planting, terracing, contour plowing, rock terracing, gabion construction, and marking and dowelling.

Overview of the multi-purpose dam Mwache

The dam is being built on 1,600 hectares across the Mwache River in Fulugani Village, Kinango Subdistrict, Kwale District. It will be an 87.5 meter high concrete weight dike that will hold 118 million cubic meters of water with a daily supply of 186,000 cubic meters of water.

The seven-year project, which is co-financed by the World Bank and the Kenyan government through the Kenya Water Security Program, aims to address the problem of water scarcity in the counties of Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi.

2,600 acres of land are also expected to be irrigated to address Kwale County’s food shortages.

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