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About 78.34 percent of respondents from 22 countries believe that the Chinese economy has added vitality to the world economy over the past decade and has become the engine of the world economy, according to a joint poll by the CGTN think tank and the Chinese Institute of Public Opinion from Renmin University of China.

The survey surveyed participants, averaging 38.64 years old, from developed countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and developing countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand , India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Over half of the respondents have a tertiary education, with 54.71 percent having a bachelor’s degree or higher, of which 15.22 percent are masters and doctorates.

The poll showed that 91.46 percent of African respondents rated China’s economic achievements highly. Europe followed closely with a share of 81.6 percent, while North America took third place with 78.09 percent.

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It also showed that 84.13 percent of respondents from Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries highly praised China’s economic achievements, more than those from countries outside the BRI. Meanwhile, 84.02 percent of respondents from developing countries have confidence in the Chinese economy, more than those from developed countries.

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China’s gross domestic product per capita has risen from $6,100 to over $12,000 over the past 10 years, which 76.65 percent of respondents say is remarkable. In the survey, over 70 percent of respondents from five continents believe China is getting richer.

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There are nearly 100 million people in rural China who have been lifted out of poverty in the past decade, and the vast majority of global respondents believe that the two most important reasons for China’s historic achievements in poverty reduction are that China’s economy continues growing rapidly and that the Chinese leaders are determined and marching firmly towards their goals.

In terms of rapid technology development, respondents were most impressed by China’s 5G development, artificial intelligence and high-speed rail. In Africa, 73.87 percent of respondents were most impressed with China’s 5G, and 55.28 percent praised the country’s high-speed rail network. In Europe, 52.77 percent of respondents were impressed with the country’s advances in artificial intelligence.

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The overwhelming majority of respondents had a positive impression of the Chinese, and 84.42 percent of African respondents and 71.18 percent of European respondents believe the Chinese are hardworking and self-motivated. Meanwhile, 70.96 percent of respondents from BRI countries and 74.26 percent of respondents from developing countries expressed the same view.

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