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Risks of climate change offer insurers new cash flows

A driver and motorist wade through a flooded Nakuru-Eldoret-Malaba highway in the town of Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county, after heavy rains, July 21, 2022. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NMG

Insurance policies targeting damage from climate risks such as drought, floods and extreme heat represent the next growth opportunity for Kenya‘s underperforming insurance sector, experts say.

Industry insiders say the industry is looking into developing products that include coverage against the increasing risks associated with climate change for public infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, energy, tourism and forestry.

Although African countries, including Kenya, produce less than 5 percent of carbon emissions – the world’s lowest – they are the most vulnerable to climatic instabilities such as drought, floods, rising sea levels and rising temperatures.

That represents a growth opportunity for insurance companies in a country where penetration has fallen below 2.5 percent of gross domestic product, according to insurance broker Minet Kenya.

“Many of our risk assessments have not taken climate change into account. But today, in places where there has never been a flood, you will find that a flood has swept away a road, bridge or rail,” said Sammy Muthui, Managing Director of Minet Kenya, in an interview.

“We also need to address medical responses related to climate change, as air pollution, rising temperatures, flooding and drought will increase the risk of some diseases.”

The developments come at a time when the world is grappling with extreme weather conditions such as fresh water shortages, rising temperatures and the extinction of plant and animal species, which are mainly associated with greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries.

The UK Government-backed Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa has identified the insurance sector as a key element in helping Kenya mitigate and adapt to climate change-related risks in Kenya.

“As insurers, insurers play an essential role in facilitating the flow of capital to mitigation projects by providing risk mitigation solutions to investors. For example, investors in the geothermal sector in East Africa, where capital-intensive early-stage development drilling has a low-probability, high-severity risk profile, need risk-transfer solutions to make the risk-reward profile attractive,” wrote FSD Africa in a July 2021 article on its website .

“To remove this obstacle, FSD Africa is working to establish a local underwriting pool that will provide risk mitigation solutions to enable the onboarding of private capital into this important renewable energy source.”

Financing climate risks and implementing ESG (environmental social and governance) standards for insurers was the main topic when industry regulators, insurers, reinsurers, brokers and representatives from the continent met in Nairobi at the end of June.

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Samia Suluhu from Tanzania works with AfCTA to promote female traders Sun, 18 Sep 2022 04:00:43 +0000


Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu is rallying African decision-makers for a continental protocol specifically addressing the protection of women from harassment and other obstacles to complement the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement.

President Suluhu, who is also a champion of AfCFTA, says the continent must prioritize girls’ education in addition to removing barriers preventing women from cross-border trade.

“As our employees approach regional or international markets, they encounter too many permits, licenses and other such requirements. If all of Africa works to remove all these non-tariff barriers, business will grow everywhere,” she said.

The Tanzanian leader addressed a gathering of African women leaders in Dar es Salaam last Monday, where they prepared a roadmap for the AfCFTA protocol on women and youth in trade.

Participants agreed that women and youth need to be prioritized as key drivers of intra-African markets under the AfCFTA, and they tasked governments to enact better laws and policies to make this possible.

The Protocol on Women and Youth in Commerce aims to increase the engagement of women and youth in cross-border businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors such as agriculture, textile manufacturing, tourism services, informal trade and professional services.


The protocol is one of several under the AfCFTA that will be based on regulatory cooperation between member states, using their own national laws and institutions, rather than blanket harmonisation. Other protocols of a similar nature concern trade in services, investment, competition, protection of intellectual property rights and digital commerce.

AU Commission Deputy Chair Monique Nsanzabaganwa urged governments, central banks, commercial lenders, women and youth networks and donors to “sign up” to the AU’s Initiative for Financial and Economic Inclusion of Women and Youth, which aims to to provide $100 billion in funding for at least 10 million African women and young entrepreneurs by the end of 2030.

The initiative also aims to increase the representation of women and young people in leadership positions and in public procurement.

The lake’s rising waters are bringing crocodiles and hippos closer to residents, threatening lives, limbs and livelihoods Fri, 16 Sep 2022 04:05:21 +0000

Winnie Keben felt blessed to raise her children in her husband’s family home just 500 meters from the shores of Lake Baringo in Kenya‘s Great Rift Valley.

The huge freshwater lake, about a five-hour drive from the capital Nairobi, had attracted international fishermen and tourists.

But it has doubled in the last decade, swollen by heavy rains that scientists have linked to climate change.

Its rising waters have swallowed homes and hotels, bringing crocodiles and hippos to their doorsteps and into classrooms.

Winnie lost her leg and livelihood to a crocodile and her home to the rising waters of a lake.(AP: Brian Inganga)

“It wasn’t like that before,” Winnie said.

“People would move if the water moved, but it would recede soon enough.”

She never thought they would leave their home in the seaside village of Kampi ya Samaki.

Then the lake took away almost everything.

On her last night at Kampi ya Samaki, Winnie washed herself in the lake.

She had spent the day working in the corn fields with her husband.

It was evening.

Then something moved.

“I had just bent down to wash my right leg when I saw a crocodile emerge from the water. I screamed so loud, but unfortunately I fell in the lake,” Winnie said.

The crocodile pulled her into deeper water as she tried to fight back.

Her husband ran towards her screams from the fields.

But she struggled to stay above the surface.

Laban Keben keeps his arms spread wide and holding a stick on the lake shore
Laban Keben shows where his wife Winnie was attacked by a crocodile on Lake Baringo.(AP: Brian Inganga)

She managed to stretch her hand out over the water and wiggle her fingers, hoping her husband, who was now on shore, would see her.

Laban Keben saw, jumped in and grabbed her, but the animal held her.

He tried again. And again. After his third attempt, his wife and the mother of their children lost consciousness.

“I saw them die and leave me behind,” Laban said.

He thought of their daughter, barely six months old, and their other two children.

He started screaming for help.

Another man ran over with a machete and struck the crocodile, Laban said, and suddenly it swam away, leaving Winnie’s limp body in his wake.

Her leg was reduced to bones with flesh hanging down, said Laban, who along with other residents carried Winnie past flooded streets to the nearest paved road where vehicles could take her to medical supplies.

But at the hospital in the next town, doctors said they were not prepared for such a serious injury.

Women wash fish on the lake shore with crocodiles seen in the water just meters away
The rising waters of the lake have brought crocodiles and hippos onto the doorsteps and into classrooms.(AP: Brian Inganga)

Two hospitals later, she feared she would not survive.

“I told my husband to pick up my kids and take them to my mom’s because I knew I couldn’t make it,” she said.

Doctors had to amputate the leg to save her life. Her mother stayed by her bedside until she was discharged from the hospital.

The family was forced to sell their chickens and goats to cover their medical costs.

But while she was healing, it rained incessantly.

The lake took even more.

A young girl helps her mother fix her artificial leg, mother sits on a plastic chair in the hot sun
Berita Lemulet Keben helps her mother fix her prosthetic leg.(AP: Brian Inganga)

It flooded their home and farmland.

Then it took away their fellowship.

They were taken in by someone in another village.

Leaving Kampi ya Samaki, where her husband and children were born, still hurts, Winnie said.

“I loved my place very much as I was able to farm with my husband and raise money for food and tuition.”

With only one leg, Winnie said she couldn’t farm anymore.

Her husband earns a meager living digging pit latrines and working on local farms to support the growing family.

She gave birth to her sixth child last month.

“Now we are country beggars,” she said.

Wionnie is seated on her bed in a dirt-floored hut with her bare stump visible
Doctors had to amputate Winnie’s leg to save her life.(AP: Brian Inganga)

Baringo is one of 10 lakes in Kenya’s Rift Valley that have expanded over the past decade.

The entire East African rift system, which extends south to Mozambique, and the western rift valley – to Uganda – are also affected.

The rain-fed waters have inundated villages and islands, confronting residents with wild Nile crocodiles.

The lake’s rising waters have displaced more than 75,000 households, according to a joint 2021 report by the Kenyan government and the United Nations.

The flooding around Lake Baringo was among the worst, with more than 3,000 homes destroyed, according to the report.

Lake Baringo still provides fresh water for villagers, livestock, fisheries, and wildlife.

However, scientists fear that it may one day merge with a large salt lake nearby, Lake Bogoria, which is also growing, and contaminate the freshwater.

Winnie remembers when the shore was a short walk from her home and the hippos and crocodiles stayed deep in the lake.

“They never attacked people or animals. Today they attack everything,” said Winnie.

Winnie is still haunted by her attack a decade ago.

She has not returned to her family’s village – not even for a short visit.

The risk of attacks like hers has only increased: since she left, more crocodiles and hippos have appeared in Kampi ya Samaki, and village children are left with sharp tooth marks.

a crocodile on the lake shore, a woman's head in an african scarf in the foreground, she is only a few meters away
There has been an increase in hippo and crocodile attacks as the lake’s water has risen. (AP: Brian Inganga)

Others, like Winnie, have lost limbs and an unknown number have died.

A 10-year-old boy was recently abducted by a hippopotamus and has not been found.

Winnie said she has no intention of ever returning to Kampi ya Samaki.

But she still misses it.

“This is the place I’ve called home,” she said.


The 12 best travel destinations in October Mon, 12 Sep 2022 06:30:00 +0000

If you missed your summer vacation and are still thinking about travel, you’re in luck. In places like Hawaii, Greece and Europe, tourist numbers are falling and so are prices, making them perfect destinations for an October trip. Temperatures could also be a bit lower, but you can still find beaches and ideal weather to be outdoors. Does October mean leaf-gazing, Halloween or Oktoberfest for you? We have places where you can enjoy these annual events. By Patricia Doherty

Further afield, Kenya‘s great migration culminates in October, and Istanbul celebrates autumn with an arts festival. Whether you’re looking for clear fall weather or warm sunshine, we’ve got a few fall vacation ideas.

Here are the best travel destinations in October 2022

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Credit: Denistangneyjr/Getty Images

The hotel is located in western Massachusetts, about halfway between New York City and Boston Berkshire’s The region offers farms, lakes, quaint towns, rolling hills and colorful fall foliage that usually begins in October. A scenic drive of about three hours from either town brings you to the quiet of the mountains, and the clear air invites you to hike outdoors and observe leaves, kayak or fish on the water, or browse antique shops in town to browse. Stay in Lenox at the elegant Miraval Berkshire’s Resort & Spa or the Victorian-inspired Gasthof Apfelbaum. The Wheatleigha luxury inn on the National Register of Historic Places, and The Lenox Collection of three inns are other options.

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River cruise on the Danube

Destination in October
Credit: Lupengyu/Getty Images

Get into the Oktoberfest spirit in Vienna and Dürnstein, Austria, then celebrate with Bavarian folk music, dancing, pretzels, and beer when the cruise reaches its destination in Vilshofen, Germany. That Magna on the Danube cruise Board in Budapest and travel through the beautiful Wachau Valley and the Danube Bend, stopping at quaint towns along the river. The spacious AmaMagnatwice the width of traditional riverboats, accommodates 200 guests with spacious suites, a wellness studio, multiple dining options, and a variety of tours and experiences.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

North Carolina
Credit: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Getty Images

The summer beach crowds are gone, prices are lower and the weather is still nice Outer Banks Cities in North Carolina, making it a great place to visit in October. It is the best time for fishing and feasting on fresh seafood. Visit Oyster Week from October 10th to 16th Outer Banks Seafood Festival on October 15, the Duck Jazz Festival, or one of the many other autumn events. Stay in town on the beach Sanderling Resort or at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore at the Inn on Pamlico Sound. in the same area, Ocracoke Harbor Inn overlooking Silver Lake.

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Savannah, Georgia

Destinations in October
Credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images

Savannah’s landscaped squares, Spanish moss and warm Southern hospitality make it a popular city for visitors and residents. The city’s historic riverfront also draws attention these days. Home to a restored 1912 power plant that is now the hub of a bustling entertainment destination, the area is an example of Savannah development. Restaurants, clubs, boutiques and cafes now line the riverside promenade Plant Riverside District. steps away, The Alidaa contemporary hotel named after Alida Harper Fowlkes, an early 20th-century Savannah entrepreneur and conservationist, welcomes guests to its comfortable rooms, restaurants, and The Lost Squareits rooftop lounge, which offers stunning views along with cocktails and light snacks.

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Marbella, Spain

Destinations in October
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Located on the southern Spanish Costa del Sol, Marbella is warm until October with sunny days and temperatures in the 20’s making it another great place to travel. More than 25.7 km of coastline, marinas, hotels, restaurants and shops attract visitors, especially in summer. Marbella was settled during Roman times and is home to archeological sites as well as a historic part of town with buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries. Accommodation ranges from luxury resorts to casual inns. One of the recent hotel additions is this Club Med Magna Marbella, at the foot of the Sierra Blanca overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The 485-room, four-star, family-friendly resort has five pools, a kid-friendly splash area, and the Club Med Spa.

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Credit: Manoj Shah/Getty Images

October marks the end of the dry season in Kenya and also the final months of the Great Wildebeest Migration, the world’s largest animal migration, when more than a million animals migrate through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in search of grass and water. Zebras as well as a variety of predators join the journey, an exciting spectacle. in the Kenyan bush, Mahali Mzuria luxury safari camp, voted best hotel overall in Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards in 2021. AndBeyond Bateleur Camp and Mara bush topsjust outside the Masai Mara National Park, are other luxury options.

Book your stay here

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Destinations in October
Credit: Matt Anderson Photography/Getty Images

Fall is considered the off-season and is a lovely time to visit Jackson Hole with bright yellow and orange leaves and lower hotel rates. The clear weather is ideal for hiking and sitting near a fireplace to drive away the evening chill. But be sure to head outside at night to watch the stars, while the clear skies and dry air create perfect conditions. Visit nearby yellowstone and Big Tetons National Parks and enjoy a stay just steps away from Town Square at the newly renovated hotel mountain modern or the luxurious veil of cloudsan Autograph Collection Hotel. The Lodge at Jackson Holethe budget-friendly Virginian Lodgeand Hotel Jackson are additional options. Caldera housein Teton Village, features two and four bedroom suites.

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Mykonos, Greece

Credit: Richmatts/Getty Images

According to many frequent travelers to Greece, October is a great time to visit the island, when the busy summer tourist season is over, the sea is still warm and there are bargains to be had. The weather is usually in the 20’s and you can stroll the narrow streets of Hora (Mykonos Town), shop and enjoy the surroundings of the whitewashed buildings. Enjoy the view, take a boat trip and be sure to try some Greek wines. A stay in one of the suites or villas of Kali Mykonos would be nice with views of the Aegean, private pools, terraces and a spa. On a hill about 3.2 km from Mykonos Town, Kalesma Mykonos features panoramic views from its suites and villas.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Destinations in October
Credit: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Divided between Europe and Asia, this fascinating city is located in Turkey’s northwestern area at the Bosphorus Strait. Known for its cuisine, shopping and architectural masterpieces, Istanbul offers plenty to see. Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Hagia Sophiathe Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are just a few places to visit. From October 16th to 22nd, Contemporary Istanbul will show art from all over the world and the Coffee Festival in Istanbul October 6-9 celebrates the country’s coffee culture with shows, concerts and more. Stay in stylish luxury Shangri-La Bosphorus in a historic building from the 1930s or in a new building Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, both lie on the European shores of the Bosphorus.

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Oahu, Hawaii

Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

It’s off-season in Hawaii and you can find hotel deals and lots going on. Honolulu Pride Festival & Paradesponsored by Kaimana Hotel, is scheduled for October 15, with various events throughout the month. That Hawaiian Food & Wine The festival takes place in October and November. On October 2nd there is the annual Hawaiian Airlines Moloka’i hoe, the most prestigious outrigger canoe race in the world. Visit Oahu’s North Shore with a stay at the Turtle Bay Resort or choose the west coast and Four Seasons Resort Oahu on Ko Olina. On Waikiki Beach, the Alohilani Resort features two Iron Chef Morimoto restaurants. stick with Sheraton Waikiki or The Royal Hawaiian and take a surfing lesson with the Waikiki Beach Boys. For Hawaiian-style high tea, head to the historic boardwalk Moana Surfrider.

Book your stay here

Athens, Georgia

Destinations in October
Credit: Seanpavonephoto/Getty Images

Located 60 miles (96.5 km) northeast of Atlanta, Athens is a University of Georgia campus town with a vibrant arts scene and music culture that has spawned REM, the B-52 and others, making it the perfect place for an October trip. Live music is big and October 2nd brings historic Athens porch party with performances on more than 100 porches across the city. Craft beer fans will get their money’s worth along the way Athenian beer Trail, and for hiking, biking, and enjoying nature, there’s the Oconee Rivers Greenway. Celebrate Halloween with a costume and parade on October 29th Wild noise in downtown Athens.

New Jersey coast

Destinations in October
Credit: Robert D Barnes/Getty Images

Dubbed the “Jersey Shore,” the 127 miles (204 km) of coastline includes about ten cities, beaches, amusement parks and accommodations. A National Historic Landmark, Cape May is the oldest beach resort in the country. congress hall Welcoming guests for more than two centuries, today it offers guest rooms, suites, restaurants and cocktail lounges. Known for its musical heritage, Asbury Park is still the place for live entertainment. Spend the night The Asbury Hotel for nightlife and a place near the beach. In Atlantic City, casinos are one of the attractions and there is live entertainment, restaurants, the boardwalk, shopping and a variety of places to stay. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino features restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining, a beach, pool, spa, and fitness center.

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Main and Main Image Credit: Matt Anderson Photography/Getty Images

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Mixed reactions when Balala asks Ruto for a job Sat, 10 Sep 2022 04:56:17 +0000

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Najib Balala provoked mixed reactions from a segment of Kenyans and President-elect William Ruto’s allies after openly declaring that he was ready to serve the new government.

Balala On Friday, September 9, Balala expressed interest in working in Ruto’s government, adding that he is willing to work in any capacity.

“I am happy and humbled and thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving me the opportunity to serve the nation. I welcome President Ruto and I am ready to serve in his government whenever the need arises,” he said.

However, his feelings aroused the wrath of Ruto’s die-hard Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi and lawyer Miguna Miguna, who accused him of changing allegiances.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi addresses the public on Saturday 2 July 2022 during a campaign.

Oskar Sudi

In response to Balala, Sudi shared an old clip in which CS openly criticized the Kenyan Kwanza team led by Ruto, who had criticized CS for taking part in campaigns. “Let’s not forget,” Sudi captioned the video.

On the other hand, Miguna said that CS had served in government for so many years and that it was time for him to take a back seat.

“To my friend Balala, you are not the only Kenyan born to serve as the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism. You have held this position for more than 15 years. That’s enough. Go on. Retire. Find something else to do. There are 35 million unemployed Kenyans,” he said.

However, other Kenyans disagreed as they congratulated CS on its willingness to work with the new government.

“I like this guy. His loyalty is to the government and not to the parties. He knows how to survive and thrive in any environment. He’s focused on his role,” said Bernard Otieno.

In particular, a section of online users praised him for calling on the four commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), headed by Deputy Chair Juliana Cherera, over their opposition to the March 15

“People like Team Cherera must be held accountable. It’s not revenge, it’s order in the public interest,” Balala supported a petition tabled in Parliament to oust Cherera, Justus Nyanga’ya, Irene Masit and Francis Wanderi .

Notably, Balala was the first cabinet secretary under President Kenyatta’s government to publicly congratulate Ruto on his election as President-elect.

Balala was appointed to the cabinet by Uhuru in 2013 and served two terms in the Jubilee Administration.

Embattled attorney Miguna Miguna cast his ballot on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 in Canada.

Embattled attorney Miguna Miguna cast his ballot on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 in Canada.

Courtesy of Miguna Miguna

KQ resumes daily flights to New York in December Wed, 07 Sep 2022 21:00:47 +0000


KQ resumes daily flights to New York in December

Kenya Airways planes at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on July 31, 2020. PHOTO | SALATON-NJAU | NMG

Kenya Airways (KQ) will resume daily frequencies for the New York route in December, citing a surge in advance bookings for the festive month.

The airline had reduced the frequency of flights on the route to three a week from five in February after demand slacked after the bank holiday last year.

The higher demand bodes well for the tourism sector, for which the US remains the largest foreign source market, accounting for 16 percent of last year’s 870,465 arrivals.

The airline says it will also be increasing frequencies over the next summer period of July to August 2023 should it be forced to cut flights again early next year as demand slacks in the post-Christmas period.

KQ has been struggling with fluctuating demand on the US route since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, hence the shift in flight frequencies.

“We continuously monitor demand trends that guide our decision to increase or decrease frequencies for this or any other destination. In the case of JFK (New York’s main airport), we will increase frequencies to daily during the Christmas season in December,” the airline said.

KQ began direct flights to the United States in October 2018, with the route believed to be key to reviving the airline’s success.

This flight allows the airline to benefit from connecting travelers traveling through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) from other African capitals that do not have direct air access to the world’s largest economy.

KQ had forecast that its daily direct flights to the US would boost annual revenue by more than 10 percent in 2019 and 2020, but the Covid pandemic diluted those gains after both the US and Kenya imposed entry restrictions on their respective jurisdictions .

However, the airline sector has recovered as the pandemic has abated, allowing companies like KQ to recoup some of the heavy losses they suffered in 2020 and 2021.

The national carrier trimmed its net loss for the six months to June to Sh9.8 billion from Sh11.48 billion a year earlier as its revenue rose 76 percent to Sh48.10 billion on pent-up travel.

However, performance was weighed down by higher operating costs, which rose by half to Sh53.11 billion, driven by a sharp rise in global fuel prices.

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How to attract local tourists to visit the annual wildebeest migration Mon, 05 Sep 2022 21:01:16 +0000


How to attract local tourists to visit the annual wildebeest migration

The annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara is expected to drive occupancy. FILE PHOTO | NMG

As the annual wildebeest migration, dubbed the eighth modern wonder of the world, continues into September, tourists from all corners of the world flock to the Masai Mara National Reserve to witness this lifelong natural spectacle.

One look at the estimated 300,000 visitors who jet into the country each year to witness the wonder of the Masai Mara reveals fewer Kenyans and more foreigners.

This raises a question: how do we increase the number of local tourists enjoying the annual event? In July, the Ministry of Tourism found that most hotels in the Masai Mara were seeing record bookings in anticipation of the migration.

The bookings were confirmation of a recovering industry. The hospitality sector posted an impressive performance in the first half of the year, with foreign visitors topping the 430,000 mark, compared to 222,765 visitors over a similar period in 2021.

Despite the excitement the migration is creating among travel enthusiasts, many locals don’t get a chance to experience it as most marketing efforts focus only on international tourists.

This is despite the fact that the local market has played a crucial role in the tourism industry’s recovery in the post-pandemic era.

Between June and July 2022, Central Bank of Kenya data found that domestic customers consumed 60 percent and 70 percent of accommodation and restaurant services between June and July 2022, respectively. This is compared to 56 percent and 67 percent before the pandemic.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the sector reported a 65 percent increase in profit for fiscal 2021 to Sh146.51 billion, up from Sh88.56 billion, thanks to the domestic market taking over hotels, parks and coastal beaches, when foreigners stay away.

The sector therefore needs to take action to encourage Kenyan travelers to observe the wildebeest migration alongside their international counterparts.

But how do we do that?

Government and private tourism and hospitality stakeholders need to work together to attract local tourists to the event.

This can be done by running awareness programs within KTB and Tembea Kenya (I thank the sector for a similar post Covid_19 initiative) encouraging local tourists to go to the Masai Mara and witness the migration.

This could help local tourists appreciate the safari experience, which is largely anticipated due to the adoration of the beach holiday experience.

The government could also incentivize private players in the hospitality and broader tourism sector to help them offer affordable prices to local tourists so they can enjoy the annual event.

This would be achieved by cutting taxes on travel agencies and hotels that focus on selling travel packages to local tourists.

At the same time, companies running promotional campaigns during the migration months might also consider offering their winners trips to the Masai Mara to witness the movement.

Private hospitality actors could also use migration as a marketing opportunity to reach more tourists. You would have to consider the cost of attending the annual event as price is a major barrier to safari acceptance among local tourists.

To do this, industry players would need to develop appropriate travel packages while providing added value to ensure more local tourists can experience the wildebeest migration.

At PrideInn Mara Camp we have introduced a new package aimed at Kenyans interested in watching the wildebeest migration. We offer all inclusive packages for those traveling to the Masai Mara by car or plane.

A couple driving pays $825 and gets two nights’ accommodations, full board, round-trip transportation, game drives in a tour van, and park entrance fees.

Those who choose to fly to the Masai Mara would pay $1325 per couple. Here the couple gets two nights full board accommodation and a return flight to Nairobi. You also get a game drive in a Landcruiser, park entrance fees, and transfers in Nairobi and the Masai Mara.

At PrideInn Hotels, Resorts and Camps we believe it is impossible for Kenya to realize the potential of the wildebeest migration unless we get the domestic market on board.

Kenya: US warns Kisumu over potential chaos ahead of Supreme Court ruling Fri, 02 Sep 2022 06:01:31 +0000

Nairobi — The US embassy in Nairobi has imposed movement restrictions on US government employees in Kisumu ahead of Monday’s Supreme Court decision on the outcome of the Aug. 9 presidential election.

The embassy said the move was a precautionary measure in a security alert issued Thursday, arguing that Kenya has experienced occasional post-election violence during election cycles.

“After elections, election-related demonstrations and rallies take place regularly, temporarily blocking important intersections and causing traffic jams,” the guide says in part.

The embassy warned that the protests could turn violent at times and would require police intervention, and urged its citizens to remain vigilant as Kenyans await the final decision of the country’s Supreme Court.

As part of the safety precautions, the US embassy advised its citizens to avoid crowds, review their personal safety plans and be aware of their surroundings.

On Aug. 3, the embassy issued a similar travel advisory, urging American citizens to avoid traveling to Kisumu ahead of the now-concluded general election.

US issues safety warning in polls, urging citizens to avoid Kisumu

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman commended Kenyans for holding peaceful elections on August 9 while reaffirming the US government’s neutrality.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with the Kenyan process so far,” Whitman said.

Whitman, who made her first tour outside of Nairobi to visit US embassy staff leading critical US programs and investments in the seaside city of Kisumu, said the US had not interfered in the elections in all countries with its presence mixed up by the host.