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NAIROBI, Kenya, November 20 – The newly installed Catholic Archbishop of Nairobi Philip Anyolo has raised concerns about the spate of school fires across the country.

In his inaugural address on Saturday, the prelate urged coordinated efforts by key players to defuse student unrest.

“Like everyone else, I am deeply concerned about the unrest in the country and everything that goes through the youth and especially when the hand of us adults leads them astray. I beg you to stop burning schools and instead look for alternative ways to address your ailments, ”he said.

The chairman of the Kenyan Bishops’ Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), Archbishop Martin Kivuva, had previously indicated that consciously coordinated efforts to correct, mentor and advise learners are required.

After analyzing issues related to the recent riots in schools, the bishops found, among other things, that indiscipline is caused by substance abuse and peer pressure.

“In addition to indiscipline, we need to address the issue of cultism and radicalization in schools, as well as mental health challenges. At the same time, the bishops urged the government to reintroduce extracurricular activities and sports, which have been stopped to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in educational institutions, “said the Archbishop of Mombasa.

Catholic bishops want school administrations and school administrations to have more powers to deal with cases of extreme indiscipline in schools.

The clerics at KCCB expressed concern about the continued interruption in learning, saying that deterrent measures needed to be taken to halt the situation.

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“The board of directors and principals and principals should be empowered and supported to deal with cases of extreme indiscipline in our schools,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

The call from KCCB came days after the Department of Education identified congestion in classrooms and dormitories due to the 100 percent transition policy and increasing population as the cause of unrest in various public schools across the country.

In his submission to the Education Committee of the National Assembly, Cabinet Secretary Professor George Mahoga said that various task forces and field reports could also attribute the unrest to disruptions in communication between students and administrators, the style of administration in schools, and drug and substance abuse in schools be a major reason for student resentment towards the administration.

He said the crowded school calendar and reduced time for after-school activities have put negative pressure on students as school principals seek to reclaim time lost during the long break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Magoha informed the House Committee that 302 arrests had been made between January and November, with 126 cases recorded on November 11.

Education CS confirmed that 41 suspects were charged in court on November 11th.

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